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TikTok Hearing Age Test Goes Viral: What is it and How to Take it?

Personal quizzes and tests have now become a stable of TikTok trends. The latest one to viral on TikTok is the “Hearing Age Test” which determines a user’s ability of hearing based on his age. Find out what this test is, how to take it, and if it really works.

TikTok features all sorts of videos ranging in different categories. There are lip-syncs, dances, recipes, pranks, and all types of stuff. The “Tests and Quizzes” have now become a much-used niche on the platform.

They have a high chance of appearing on the trending page. As a result, a number of TikTok tests have gone viral such as the “mental age test,” “What is your weakness,” “Green line test,” and more.

What is the “Hearing Age Test” Going Viral on TikTok?

The “Hearing Age Test” is a new TikTok trend that has gone viral after a video posted by fitness coach Justin Agustin a couple of weeks ago. He wrote “this test will determine how old your hearing is” in the description.

The short video has over 15 million views and 500k+ likes now after TikTok users went gaga over the test. The test involves watching the video and noting when the sound stop for your ears. This will help you determine the age of your ears.

The text in the video states, “When you can’t hear the sound anymore, that’s your hearing age.” Users are loving the test and create their own TikToks around it. The original video of the trend has been credited to Jarred Jermaine.

How does this test work?

The viral Hearing Age test works on the concept that your hearing frequency decreases as you get older. Hence, the test includes audio that uses different frequencies, from low to high, and a number keeps playing.

The user has to determine how long they can hear the sound and when they stop hearing, it’s their hearing age. There is also text in the video guiding the user. The test claims that the point you stop hearing is the age of your ears.

How to Take the “Hearing Age Test” for TikTok?

You can simply take the hearing age test by going to TikTok and playing the video by Justin. If you don’t want to use TikTok for the test or if it’s not available in your region, then you can take the test using video. The video is available below:

To take the test, play the video and listen to the sound with utter focus. As the age in the video increases, the frequency goes up. You have to note down to what age you are able to listen to the audio. That’s the age of your ears. The text in the video will guide you.

After that, you can go to TikTok and share the video of yourself taking the test. You can also react to your hearing age. The video will have the potential of garnering more views than other clips.

Is TikTok’s Hearing Age Test Really Accurate?

There is no scientific evidence, research, or study backing the audio in the video clip shared by Justin for the hearing age test. In fact, knowing the abilities of your ears isn’t that simple. It will require a medical examination called Audiometer tests.

The hearing age test that’s going viral on TikTok recently is based on a similar concept but there’s no solid proof confirming that it’s accurate. The hearing frequency also changes with different qualities of earphones, headphones, and speakers.

Hence, you shouldn’t consider it seriously. Instead, it’s more of a trend that you can have fun with. Have you tried it yet? Feel free to use the comment box and tell us the age of your ears.

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