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What Day Is Easter 2024 On? Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know

Easter is one of those “movable feasts”, which means that there is no definitive date for it every year. It is usually held between March 31. This year, Easter will fall on Sunday, April 9th.

But what is the story behind it and why does the date keep changing?

Why Does The Date Keep Changing?

The date for Easter is chosen according to the Gregorian calendar. That is why it always falls between March 22 and April 25. However, for people following the Eastern Orthodox Church, the day of Easter falls between April 4 and May 8.

So now, if you come across someone who celebrates Easter between April 4 and May 8, you will know that they follow the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Over the period of 500 years, the most common date that Easter was celebrated on is either March 31 or April 16. Easter Sunday always falls on the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon.

Other holidays like Christmas is celebrated according to the solar calendar whereas Easter follows the lunar cycles. As the modern world follows the solar calendar, lunar dates fall on different dates.

What Is Easter?

Easter is an important day of feasting according to Christian rituals. It is also called Resurrection Day or Pascha. It has been celebrated since the early days of the Church.

Easter is a celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead after he was crucified. It also marks the end of the Holy Week and the beginning of the Eastern Season.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is also said to be good’s triumph over evil, death, sin, and the physical being. The day marks the end of fasting and penitence for many churches.

What Do People Do On Easter?

All kinds of festivities and events take place on Easter. Religiously inclined people tend to visit the church, indulge in religious music, ring church bells, buy flowers, light candles, etc. It is an important day for religious people as it represents the fulfillment of the Old Testament and the revelation of God’s plan for mankind.

There is also a non-religious side to Easter as well. As it falls on a Sunday, people try to make the most of it even if they are not religiously inclined. Some of the celebrations include family get-togethers, painting and hiding eggs for kids to find, holding brunches, etc.

Significance of Eggs On Easter

For many people, easter reminds them of eggs. It is a common tradition to hide eggs in the house or the backyard as kids run around to find and collect them. But what is its significance on the religious holiday?

Just as Jesus Christ rose from the tomb and started life again, the egg symbolizes a new beginning or a new life that emerges from the eggshell. Traditionally, the eggs were painted red to symbolize the blood that Jesus shed on the cross for the believer’s sins.

Although the egg-coloring tradition has continued, multiple colors are used to paint the eggs instead of just red ones.

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