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How to Take “What is Your Weakness” Quiz? TikTok Trend Explained

TikTok users have a thing for personality quizzes as every now and then a new one starts trending among them. “What is your weakness” is the latest quiz to go viral on TikTok as users continue to take it and share the results in their short videos. Learn more about it.

This quiz tells users about their biggest weakness on the basis of a series of questions. Surprisingly, the personality test has been garnering very realistic results as TikTok users fondly term them as relatable and share them with their followers/ friends.

The hashtags linked to this quiz have already amassed over 150k views just within a span of 24 hours. Previously, “What is your mental age” and “What human emotion are you” quizzes have gone viral helping users get millions of views through simple videos.

About the Quiz: “What is your Weakness?”

“What is your weakness?” is the latest personality test or quiz to go viral on TikTok, Twitter, and other social media platforms. This quiz, hosted on Uquiz, lets users know what their biggest personality is after asking a series of interesting questions.

It is created by user SeashoreGhost and uses questions from the popular personality tests available on the web. The reason why TikTok users are liking the quiz so much is that it offers intriguing answers such as Soft, Trapped, Cold, etc.

Along with that, it also explains the answer helping you to understand your weakness briefly. After that, you may continue to work on it, or simply post it on TikTok to let your followers know. The decision is yours.

How to take the “What is Your Weakness” Quiz?

Taking the “What is your weakness” quiz for TikTok is very simple and straightforward. Just launch a web browser on your PC or mobile and visit this website. Alternatively, you can paste this [uquiz.com/quiz/SkXTlO/what-is-your-weakness] in the URL bar of the browser.

Once you are quiz page, enter your name in the given box and click on the “Start” button. You don’t have to create an account or go through any registration procedure. Once you start the quiz, the round of questions will start. You have to answer them honestly.

The questions are of the multiple-choice type and include choosing between different colors, scenarios, inkblot tests, and other random queries. The last question will ask you to plead about your life (sorry for spoilers).

Once you have completed the quiz, the results will be displayed on the screen. It will show a major feeling that’s your biggest weakness (as per your responses) and an explanation about it. You might be shocked about the legitimacy of the result.

Share the “What is Your Weakness” Result on TikTok

After you have completed the test and found out about your weakness, you can share the result on TikTok or other social media platforms. There are direct share buttons to post the results on Facebook and Twitter. For TikTok, you’ll have to take a screenshot.

Now launch TikTok and tap on the “+” button in the center. Add the screenshot of the “What your weakness” quiz results and use a piece of creepy music in the background. You can watch some videos revolving around the trend to get a better idea of it.

You can also use your own creativity to add some unique elements. Once the video is ready, post it and let your TikTok followers know about your weakness. Don’t forget to put in a nice caption and add the right set of hashtags.

TikTok users take a screenshot of the home page and the results, which they pair with creepy music in the background to upload onto the platform.

Is the “What is Your Weakness” Quiz accurate?

“What is your weakness” quiz is highly relatable to users and TikTokers have been calling it “so relevant,” “for real,” and other similar words. However, it’s just a personality test made for fun and is nothing to be taken seriously.

This quiz isn’t backed by any scientific research or study. It only tries guessing about your personality based on your responses. The answers range from Soft, Lost, Haunted, Straight, Cold, Trapped, Hexxed, Blind, and You cannot die in a way that matters.

If you figure out the pattern, you’ll realize that most of these feelings are usually a normal human’s weakness. Hence, TikTok users can relate much to the trend. Still, you don’t have to take it too seriously and take the quiz only for fun.

Only you can figure out your biggest weakness

An individual is the best judge of his/ her personality. You don’t require a quiz created by someone else to figure out your weakness. Just go somewhere in silence, give a deep thought to what’s your biggest weakness, and then you’ll be able to figure it out.

Once you have realized it, you can start working on it to turn it into your strength. Knowing about your weaknesses will help you stay aware of your capabilities. You’ll know where you have to put in the maximum amount of work.

The weakness that the quiz explains is only good for TikTok and having fun with your friends on social media. That’s all for this post.

Did you take the test yet? Are the results accurate for you? Feel free to express your reactions in the comments.

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