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How to Take The Mental Age Test That’s Going Viral on TikTok?

The Mental Age Test is the latest viral quiz that’s taking over TikTok. Users are taking the test and sharing results with shocked expressions revealing how old are they mentally. Find out how to take the Mental Age Test that TikTok users are going crazy for.

TikTok users frequently keep finding such quizzes and love sharing the results. Recently, quizzes like “What human feeling are you?” and “Childhood Trauma Test” also went viral on the platform as users enjoyed sharing their results in their videos.

Now, videos revolving around the Mental Age Test are roaming across TikTok while the quiz is also popular on other social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. This test figures out a user’s mental age based on their perspective on things.

What is the Viral Mental Age Test?

The Mental Age Test that’s going viral on TikTok is a personality quiz by A Real Me, a website based on personality assessment. This quiz lets you figure out the answer to the question “How old am I mentally?” as you’ve already wondered it after certain decisions.

Some people are way more mature than their age. They appear to be wise at a very young age. Whereas, others look too immature despite being older physically. This is because every person has a different mental age that develops according to their life experiences.

The quiz works on the same concept and lets users determine the age of their minds, regardless of their physical age. The website asks you certain questions and then calculates the mental age based on your responses.

How does the Mental Age Test work?

The Mental Age Test uses an artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithm that decides your mental age based on your responses to the questions asked in the quiz. When you answer all the questions, it displays your mental age on the screen.

Along with that, it also shows one feeling or emotion that’s dominant in your perspective. It could range from “over-worries” to “sophisticated” and is also determined by your responses to the questions.

How to Take the Mental Age Test for TikTok?

Taking the Mental Age Test is very simple. All you have to do is launch a web browser on your PC or mobile and head over to this website.

Now you can start the test/ quiz by clicking on the “Start” button. After starting, you will see a number of questions like “I have my principles,” “I don’t want to think about complicated things,” “Tears come to my eyes very often,” and others.

You have to select “True,” “False,” or “Neither” for the questions. Some questions like “I spend most of my time on ______” also require custom responses. You have to answer all the questions to complete the test.

Once the test is completed, you’ll see your mental age alongside a feeling that’s dominant in your personality. You can then share the results with your friends and followers, or try out other tests on the website.

How to share the Mental Age Test Results on TikTok?

When you complete the Mental Age Test, the Results are available on the screen and you can directly share them on Twitter and Facebook. However, there’s no direct option to share the result on TikTok. You’ll have to use some workarounds for that.

The simplest way is to take a screenshot of the results page and include them in your video on TikTok. You can also use the result as a background for your TikTok and you can react to the result in the foreground.

Another option is to copy the link from the results page and use it as the caption for your TikTok while talking about it in the video. There’s a lot you can do with creativity. However, don’t forget to include the right hashtags for your videos.

Are the Mental Age Test Results accurate?

The Mental Age Test has a Japanese origin and was first released in November 2013. Since then, continuous refinements have taken place to provide the most accurate results. According to the website, its Google Analytics reports reveal that more than 27,292,000 people from more than 156 countries have taken this test.

According to most of the users’ reactions, the quiz is very reliable. Almost 10% of people who completed this test have shared it on Facebook and Twitter,” the website claims.

However, there’s still no solid research or study backing the quiz available on the site. That’s why we’d recommend considering it only for entertainment purposes and not believing in the result so firmly.

It’s no harm in taking the test like any other random online quiz. Have you tried it yet? Feel free to share the results in the comments.

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