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Squirdle: Pokemon Version of Wordle is Here

There is a long list of Wordle spin-offs and clones available on the Internet these days. One of the most interesting ones that especially pleases the Pokemon fans is Squirdle. This web-based game gets the whole community brainstorming about a single Pokemon every day.

The good thing doesn’t end here. Squirdle also has a free play or random mode where you can enjoy the experience of guessing a Mystery Pokemon every time. It is nothing like the “Who’s That Pokemon” quiz we used to play while watching the popular show on TV.

Instead, you need to enter random Pokemon names, keep collecting hints and clues, and then guess the correct name of the mystery Pokemon. People who have the most knowledge about Pokedex can easily win this game every day.

Others may use some special tricks that we’ll share in this post below. Find out everything about the Pokemon version of Wordle- Squirdle here.

What is Squirdle?

Squirdle is the Wordle alternative based on Pokemon where you have to guess the name of a mystery Pokemon instead of a word. This game is created by a Costa Rican software engineer named Sergio Morales Esquivel who goes by the name Fireblend.

The name Squirdle closely relates to the Gen-1 starter Squirtle, and it’s good to finally see the water-type ‘Mon get some love instead of Charmander or Bulbasaur.

In Squirdle, you have to start by guessing a Pokemon name. The game will offer certain hints to help you figure out the mystery Pokemon. Based on them, you have to keep guessing and eventually find the right name.

Squirdle Daily and Free Play Modes

Squirdle features multiple modes to enjoy the game. The first one is Squirdle Daily which is the regular game where every player in the world has to guess the same mystery Pokemon every 24 hours, just like Wordle where everyone is guessing the same word. You can play this mode only once a day.

The second mode is Squirdle Free Play or Random where you can play the game as many times you want. Just start a game, guess the name of the Pokemon correctly or wrongly, and then you can restart another game.

One more mode that Squirdle has, which is fairly easier for all Pokemon fans, is the Gen 1 Only. In this mode, everything remains the same as Squirdle Free Play but you will play with only 150 Generation 1 Pokemon introduced in the Kanto region.

How to Play Squirdle?

Squirdle is the perfect game to play for hardcore Pokemon fans. Casual fans may have a tough time figuring out the answer correctly. To play it, launch a web browser and visit this website. The Free Play mode will open by default.

If you want to play the Daily mode, click on the “Try Squirdle Daily!” button. After selecting the mode, you can start guessing the mystery Pokemon right away. Your goal is to guess the name of a mystery Pokemon in 8 or fewer turns. Start by entering a random Pokemon name at first and click on “Submit.”

Next, you will see a line of clues that will help you find out the right answer. If you see a Green Pokeball with a Tick mark, it means you have guessed that aspect correctly. However, if you see a Red Pokeball with a cross mark, you have guessed the aspect completely wrong.

You will also see a Blue Pokeball with an Up or Down arrow in the Generation, Height, and Weight fields. The Up arrow means the Generation of the mystery Pokemon is higher than the guessed Pokemon, the height is more than the guessed Pokemon, and the weight is more than the Pokemon

Whereas, the Down arrow means the exact opposite. It suggests you need to guess a Pokemon from an older Generation, the height should be less, and the weight should be less. You will also see the Pokemon types being shortlisted below the game.

Just keep working your way through these clues and you’ll ultimately guess the name of the Pokemon correctly.

Rules and Instructions to Keep in Mind

Squirdle may seem a bit complex at first but it is really simple when you understand the rules and instructions. In Squirdle, you have to guess the name of a mystery Pokemon in 8 attempts.

At first, you have to enter the name of any random Pokemon. You don’t need to type the full name, instead, the game will suggest the names of probable Pokemon when you enter the first few letters, and then you can choose it.

After entering the name of a Pokemon, hit Submit and you’ll see colored Pokeballs under the Gen, Type 1, Type 2, Height, and Weight fields. Your aim is to get the green Pokeball with a tick mark in all the fields.

If you have got a red Pokeball with a cross mark, eliminate all Pokemon with that trait from your guesses. If you have got a blue Pokeball, then you need to enter only the name of Pokemon with a higher or lower trait that you have guessed right now. You can also take your cursor on the name of guessed Pokemon to view its information.

For example, if the answer is Bulbasaur, and you have guessed Charmander, then you will have a green Pokeball in the Gen field, a red Pokeball in Type 1 and Type 2 fields, and the blue Pokeball with an up arrow in the height field (Bulbasaur’s height is more than Charmander), and another blue Pokeball with a down arrow in the weight field (Bulbasaur’s weight is lower than Charmander).

You will also see the Types of Pokemon written below. When you enter guesses, the types will be shortlisted automatically based on your input. If it is a Pokemon having only 1 type, you will see the “Single-Type” text highlighted.

Tips & Tricks to Play Squirdle Easily

Playing Squirdle may not be as simple as it seems for people who do not watch Pokemon these days and have stopped playing the games. For those players, here are some tips and tricks that you can implement to guess the mystery Pokemon easily:

  • You should start by entering the name of Pokemon that has two types, Gen 3 or 4, and good height and weight. This will help you shortlist Pokemon in an easier manner.
  • You can take help from Pokemon information sites like Pokemon.com, Pokemondb.net, and Bulbapedia. These sites have a Pokedex that you can use to think of Pokemon names.
  • Pokemondb.net and Bulbapedia have a feature where you can sort Pokemon by their height and weight. You can use this feature to shortlist the guesses to find out the mystery Pokemon.
  • Do not waste your attempts by entering random Pokemon names. Completely eliminate the Pokemon who have the wrong traits according to the clues in Squirdle.

These are some of the tips that will help you a lot in Squirdle. You can also play the game with your friends together or challenge them for a Pokemon guessing battle.

Squirdle is among the best Wordle alternatives which include the likes Heardle, Mickeyrdle, Who Are Ya?, Worldle, Squabble, etc.

The popularity of Wordle and its spin-offs’ is reaching new heights every day. The good thing is people are getting a lot of good browser games to pass their free time.

Which of the Wordle spin-off has become your favorite? Mine is Squirdle. Don’t forget to tell me about yours using the comment box.

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