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“Who Are Ya” and “Missing 11” are Wordle Alternatives for Football Freaks

Wordle is a wildly popular web-based word guessing game that gets the whole world brainstorming every day. Missing11.com has now come up with its own Wordle spin-off called “Who Are Ya?” for Football fans which follows the same concept but replaces words with Footballers.

We have seen multiple amazing Wordle alternatives including Quordle, Heardle, Wordle Unlimited, and various others. Who Are Ya? is another addition to that great list. It is specifically appealing to players who are much into Football/Soccer.

The owner website, Missing11.com has another game apart from the one mentioned above, and it is also developed for Football fans. In that game, you need to guess the whole playing 11 of any historic match and not just a single player.

Learn about both the Wordle alternatives here, and find out how to play them.

What is “Who Are Ya?”

Who Are Ya? is a browser-based game by Missing11.com that is widely getting recognition as a cool Wordle alternative for Football fans. In the game, you need to guess the name of a football player using the hints about him.

The hints revolve around their nationality, the league they play in, their club team, their position on the soccer field, and their age. You need to gather the clues, put your brain on work, and then guess the correct name in eight guesses.

Just like Wordle, the whole world guesses the single Football player every day. And, unlike Wordle, they aren’t guessing any word here. They are guessing the identity of the footballer.

The game’s website Missing11.com is only over a month old (created in February 2022), but the game is already getting viral. You can take a look at social media posts about it daily.

How to Play “Who Are Ya?”

To play “Who Are Ya?”, you need to launch a web browser and visit this link. You can use any supported browser including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave, Safari, etc. You can even play this game on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

After launching the game, you will see a dialog box presenting the instructions to play. You can have a look if it’s your first time, or else, click on the ‘Cross (x)’ icon on the top right.

Now, you have eight guesses to figure out the identity of a mystery football player. The player has played in the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, or Bundesliga the past season. Your game will start out with a highly blurry and discolored photo. You don’t have to consider the color in the picture as a hint as they’re manipulated to misguide you.

You need to start typing a name and the website will allow you to select your guess’s name from a last. After that, your hints will then come from it comparing the five factors mentioned above.

If you see a green box, it means your guess is right, but a grey box suggests that it is wrong and you need to guess again. You can then keep working according to the hints to guess the identity of the player. And, when you do, you can share your achievement directly to your social media account to boast about your football knowledge.

Another Game on the Same Site: Missing 11

The Missing 11 game is also a Wordle spin-off, and another alternative for Football fans. The key difference is you need to guess the whole playing eleven from a historical football match, instead of a single football player or a word, every single day.

To play it, just visit this link on a browser. You will see the historical match on the screen under “Kick off.” Here, click the “Play” button.

Now you will see the number of letters that are contained in each of the starting eleven players’ names. You will get eight chances to guess each of them correctly. When you get the right letter, it’ll turn green, but if you get the correct one in the wrong place, it’ll turn yellow, just like Wordle.

When you are finally able to guess the whole starting eleven of the football team, you can show that off on Twitter, or any other social media platform. It’s a unique but excellent way to pass your time.

Who Are Ya? vs Missing 11: Which one is more Fun?

Who Are Ya? and Missing 11 are two great browser-based games for Football maniacs hosted on the same website. The former is playable for even rookie fans while the latter is only suitable for hardcore fans who have been following the game all their life.

Both the games are fun in their own spot. If you only have a few minutes to play, you can try your hands at Who Are Ya? but, if you have got a few hours to play, you can try playing Missing 11.

You can always call and ask your friends who are also Football fans to assist you. Or, you can look up more detailed hints on the Internet. Although it is usually full of spoilers. You should only look when you are not able to guess after trying everything.

We recommend playing both the games alongside other Wordle alternatives. We will also keep finding and sharing more such games here. Let us know if you know any of the good ones we haven’t covered yet.

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