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What is YouTube Snapshot 2021 and How to Check Yours?

You may already know about YouTube Rewind but this year, YouTube is launching another feature called Snapshot 2021 which is very similar to the “Wrapped” feature on platforms like Spotify, Twitch, TikTok, etc. Find out what it is, and how to see it for your channel here.

Every year, many services create a compilation of the activity of their users and present it back to the user in stunning ways. This helps the user stay attached to the platform and learn about their habits, likes, and choices.

This year, YouTube has also announced to cancel the infamous YouTube Rewind video and will replace it with something better. The replacement will be a very interesting yearly roundup live stream known as “Escape 2021.” We have a separate post about that as well.

Both the new features are definitely going to be huge for YouTube. It’s been a long time since the biggest video-streaming platform in the world has introduced something fresh.

What is YouTube Snapshot 2021?

The YouTube Snapshot is a new feature that allows YouTube creators to view very informational data about their channel from the past year. This is the first time YouTube is calling it Snapshot. A similar feature was earlier available for creators known as “Channel Recap.”

YouTube Snapshot 2021 will tell the creators two key things:

  • The total amount of time people spent watching your videos.
  • The total number of views.

Along with this, the Snapshot will also tell you which countries your viewers are from, the number of comments you received, and the month when you received the maximum number of views.

The Snapshot also has another section known as “Lifetime Highlights” that informs how many days it has been since your first upload, how many likes your videos have in total, and the total number of comments on your channel.

Is YouTube Snapshot available for Viewers?

No, the YouTube Snapshot feature is exclusive to Creators at this time. Viewers can still take the advantage of YouTube Escape 2021, and YouTube Music Recap 2021. The Snapshot email will only be sent to YouTube creators.

How to Check your YouTube Snapshot for 2021?

There are two ways to check your YouTube Snapshot for 2021. The first one is to open the email that YouTube has sent to your registered email address from “YouTube Creators.” The email will have a big “2021” written at the top and a loving message available under that.

When you scroll down, you will be able to see “Your 2021 Snapshot.” Under that, all the helpful insights for the year will be available including your watch time, comments, likes, viewers, achievements, etc.

YouTube is currently sending emails, and if you haven’t received yours yet, you should wait for your turn.

Another way to see your YouTube Snapshot 2021 is to open YouTube in a browser, go to your Channel, and there you will see a bar at the top saying “Your 2021 year in review is here.”

Click on this bar, and you can watch your Snapshot 2021. At this time, the feature isn’t available in the YouTube app.

What to do with your YouTube Snapshot?

Your YouTube Snapshot 2021 is the yearly roundup of the progress, and growth of your YouTube channel. It has a lot of helpful data available which you can save to know where you need to work the most in the coming year.

YouTube also tells you to share the Snapshot with your fans on social media platforms like Twitter with the hashtag”#MyYearOnYouTube.” This way, your fans will also be able to see how you performed in 2021.

Why can’t I see my YouTube Snapshot 2021?

There can be multiple reasons why you can’t see your YouTube Snapshot. On December 16, YouTube revealed via Twitter that the feature is not available for everyone at the moment. It might not be available in your region, and will likely arrive soon.

Another reason could be that your YouTube channel is not yet qualified to be termed as the “Creator.” One more reason could be an issue with your email address. You should check that your mailbox is full.

You should also check for YouTube’s email in the Promotions and Spam section in your mailbox.

User Reactions for YouTube Snapshot or #MyYearOnYouTube

YouTube Creators have been sharing their Snapshot 2021 all over social media platforms with the hashtags #MyYearOnYouTube, #MyYearOnYouTube2021, etc. Some of the reactions are available below:

Creators are liking this new YouTube feature. It will help them to stay focused and work in an even more passionate manner. If you have received your Snapshot 2021, don’t forget to tell us what you liked the most about it.

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