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Claiming No-Deposit Bonuses from NZ Online Casinos: Mistakes to Avoid

Many New Zealand casinos reward new signups and loyal customers with no-deposit bonuses. These are freebies that players can claim and use without having to fund their accounts. 

But to enjoy gaming with no-deposit bonuses, you must join an outstanding platform. And you have many options, including some of the most popular options hand-picked by players in New Zealand. 

Continue reading for more details on the common mistakes to avoid while claiming no-deposit bonuses.

Failing to Read Terms and Conditions

Every online casino has specific terms and conditions related to no-deposit bonuses. For instance, some allow players to withdraw any profits they get while using this reward. Others require claimants to use their bonuses within a specified number of days, after which it becomes obsolete.

Before claiming a no-deposit bonus from a casino, read the Ts & Cs. That is the only way to ensure you understand every pertinent detail. If you don’t do that, you might make a mistake that will disqualify you, like playing restricted games or taking too long to claim your reward.

Disregarding Eligibility Requirements

Online casinos don’t dish out no-deposit bonuses to any interested party. They have eligibility requirements determining who can or can’t receive these rewards. Some of the casinos also put age and location limits on these offers. Additionally, some sites offer no-deposit rewards to first-time customers only.

Don’t ignore the eligibility requirements that a platform has. If you do, you might set yourself up for future disappointment. Your ignorance might also lead to account suspension/closure, loss of bonuses, and subsequent winnings.  

Ignoring Game Restrictions

Some online casinos require players to use their no-deposit bonuses to play specific games. More often, this is to encourage punters to interact with new gambling games and other alternatives that are not receiving enough attention. Before using your reward to try any of these games, check if your casino supports them.

If your favorite casino mandates you to play certain games with a no-deposit bonus, don’t go against the rules. If you do that, you will void your freebie and might lose any winnings you accumulated before going rogue.

Trying to Cheat the System

Most people believe they can cheat online casinos by opening multiple accounts and using them to claim bonuses. You may think that nothing can go wrong if you do that. But that’s usually not the case since most gambling platforms prohibit players from opening numerous accounts, let alone using them to claim bonuses. They do that to prevent issues like fraud and bonus abuse.

The risks of trying to beat the system with multiple accounts are many. First, if you get discovered, all your accounts will be terminated. Moreover, a casino can confiscate your funds and ban you from ever using its services.


Today’s online casinos have taken gambling to a whole new level. You can visit any reputable site this second and play your favorite games without leaving your couch or visiting a land-based establishment. And the best part is you can reap diverse rewards from these platforms, including no-deposit bonuses.

Avoid the mistakes listed here while claiming your bonus from a no-deposit casino. And once you receive your reward, manage it wisely. Don’t risk everything in one go if casino terms and conditions don’t require you to do that. Good luck!

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