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Sony PS5 Slim: Everything We Know About It

A lighter and slimmer version of Sony’s PlayStation 5 is expected to arrive soon. Tentatively called the PS5 Slim, it should have upgraded features and a smaller price tag as per the experts. Here’s everything about the Sony PS5 Slim and if it is coming in 2023.

Sony has always released a smaller and lighter version of its home consoles along with a more powerful variant called the PlayStation (X) Pro where X is the number of the series. In this case, we’re also expecting the Sony PS5 Pro to arrive soon as well.

There is a lot of buzz going around about the PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro right now as many believe the Japanese company is already working on the said revisions. It’s not a matter of if but when now.

Sony PS5 Slim Release Date: When to Expect?

There is no specific release date available for the Sony PS5 Slim right now. However, we can make calculated guesses based on history, leaks, and comments from high-level Sony officials.

The Slim version of Sony’s PlayStation consoles arrived around three years after the launch of the main variant. For instance, PS4 Slim (launched in 2016) came three years after the launch of PS4 (launched in 2013).

Thus, we expect the PS5 Slim to launch sometime in 2023 as the PS5 was launched in 2020. A number of leaks, including the ones coming from Tom Henderson, also hint in the same direction. He expects newer versions of PS5 to launch in Q3 2023.

Hideaki Nishino, Sony’s platform experience EVP, also hinted that newer versions of PS5 could be coming next year. “I hope you will look forward to next year,” he said in an interview when he was asked about more versions of the PS5.

Sony PS5 Slim Design and New Features

PlayStation 5’s design was possibly the most controversial aspect and many criticized it when it launched. The PS5 Slim could be looking to fill the shortcomings and give what the fans want. However, it’s impossible to predict the design completely.

The PS5 is the biggest console Sony ever created and the company is currently trying to change that. In the latest update to the current model, Sony has already cut down the weight by 300 grams and has made small changes to the frame.

With PS5 Slim, Sony could be trying to build a lighter console with a detachable stand that users can also place horizontally. The vertical design demands too much space when placed in the home entertainment center.

We are not expecting any drastic changes to the design but the PS5 Slim would be shorter, lighter, and more compact than the current version. However, that doesn’t mean Sony would compromise on its features and performance.

The PS5 Slim will have similar features and an even upgraded performance. Sony tends to upgrade the performance of its revised consoles which usually arrives at half the life cycle of the existing version. Here are some features we expect in the PS5 Slim:

Increased Storage

Sony can increase the PS5’s 16GB of shared memory to store more data without having to bother with the SSD. However, there can also be upgrades to the eight-core CPU based on AMD’s Zen 2 architecture from 2019 and AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics unit from 2020.

Detachable Disk

The new PS5 Slim could arrive with a detachable disk. No, we aren’t talking about the digital PS5 here but a different version with an extra USB Type C on the back to connect a detachable disk drive.

This would be a great idea as you can pay less to get a digital console and then upgrade to have a disk drive. You wouldn’t have to get two separate versions of the same console. It would also make the console significantly slimmer.

Die Shrink

The upcoming PS5 Slim is also expected to get a die shrink which could make it even smaller. It will also bring energy efficiency and lower power consumption. However, it’ll be interesting to see how Sony implements the die shrink into the design.

New Name

The PS5 Slim could also get a new name as it could simply be called D Chassis PlayStation 5. There have been three revisions to the console already named Chassis A, B, and C. The fourth one is speculated to be the PS5 Slim.

Sony PS5 Slim Price: Will it be Cheaper?

The PS5 5 Slim will possibly be the cheapest variant in the series. It’s going be to more economical than PS5’s launch price of $499.99 / £449.99 / AU$749.95. The price of the PS5 has increased to £479.99 / €549.99 / AU$799.95.

Thus, we expect the PS5 Slim to be available for $399 / £349, which is around $100 cheaper than the existing variant. It’s also the launch price of the PS4 which came out years before.

If there is a digital version of PS5 Slim, we are not expecting the price to go down even further. It’ll be available at the same price as the regular version.

Should you wait for the Sony PS5 Slim?

Waiting for the PS5 Slim could be a wise choice right now as the PS5 is still hard to find at most stores and the stocks are limited. If you are planning to get a new console anytime soon, then you may have to struggle a bit to order your PS5.

Else, you can wait for the PS5 Slim to launch and there are also rumors about the PS5 Pro coming sooner than many have predicted. It could arrive together with the PS5 Slim or just a couple of months away from it.

When the launch of the new revision takes place, there will be enough stock of the PS5 in the markets for everyone. If you’ll ask us, we’d recommend waiting for the new revision if you want to get the best experience and value for your money.

However, the ultimate decision is yours. The PS5 is still a beast and you can definitely go for it if you want to get a new console urgently. You wouldn’t regret your choice. What are your plans then? Feel free to clear any doubts in the comments.

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