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TikTok Begins Testing ‘Subscription Fees’ Feature

TikTok has confirmed on Thursday that it has started testing a subscription fees feature with very few creators. The upcoming feature will allow creators to generate revenue per view directly from their fans (subscribers). Find out everything we know about it here.

The popularity of TikTok has heavily skyrocketed in recent years with the app crossing the 1 billion active users mark despite facing criticism for various reasons globally. Now, the company is planning to allow creators to monetize the fanbase directly.

Currently, TikTok offers a set of monetization tools to select eligible creators under the Creator Next banner to help them earn real money from the platform. The company has been promoting creators to turn their passion into a full-time career or a source of great passive income.

TikTok could soon roll out the Subscription Fees Feature

Earlier reported by The Information, TikTok has confirmed that it is testing support for a subscription-fee-based model for creators that will help them earn directly from their fans who will pay a subscription fee for their content.

TikTok’s spokesman, Zachary Kizer, said in an email to TheTealMango that “subscriptions were a concept that has been in testing and it was always thinking of new ways to add value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience.”

However, he didn’t share any further details on what might be the subscription criteria, when will the subscription fees feature will be available on TikTok, or how much would a subscription cost.

If the feature passes the tests and is adopted, it would be TikTok’s latest move to promote the creators to generate revenue from their content. It would also motivate more creators to join the platform and work more passionately to create awesome videos.

More details about Paid Subscription on TikTok could be revealed soon

We are keen to find more details about TikTok’s upcoming subscription fees feature and will share them here soon. It’ll be interesting to see how TikTok introduces it on a global scale, and how different it would be from OnlyFans, which is a purely subscription-based content creation platform (except NSFW videos will not be available on TikTok).

TikTok’s biggest advantage about the subscription-based model would be the “For you” page where its algorithm suggests and displays content that is highly attractive to the user It’d help creators reach ideal users and potentially convert them into subscribers.

However, the subscription fees feature could also bring possible downsides. The biggest would be that creators might save their best content for subscribers. This could affect their overall engagement adversely.

TikTok Might be following Instagram’s and Twitter’s Plans

The news about TikTok’s trial of subscription fee feature appeared after Instagram’s announcement of launching a subscription-based model soon. Instagram has also started trying out paid subscriptions using a small number of creators and influencers in the US.

Their subscribers will have to pay a monthly fee to unlock exclusive content including posts, reels, stories, and live videos. Subscribers will also get a purple badge representing their subscription to a particular creator.

There will be different tiers based on price which will be in the $0.99 to $99.99 per month range. The creators will decide the price, and Meta, the company behind Instagram, will not take a share of subscription revenue from creators for now.

Both TikTok and Instagram could be following Twitter’s launch of “Super Follows” which is a paid subscription offering users to subscribe to their favorite accounts for a monthly fee and unlock their exclusive contents. Twitter launched it back in September 2021.

TikTok keeps trying to assist the creators to reap benefits from their content with the introduction of Tips, Creator Fund, Creator Marketplace, etc. The introduction of Paid Subscriptions will be a step in the right direction.

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