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Google Follows Apple In Removing Russia Today From Play Store

There is a huge backlash that Russia has been getting for attacking Ukraine and that has been trickling down from diplomatic backlashes to economic and financial.

Russian content creators have already lost the ability to monetize their content, the national media outlets are already not allowed to monetize their videos on any social media sites.

Google has now expanded the barrage of attacks on the Russian economy by targeting apps on its Play Store. Apple had already banned Russia Today and Sputnik apps from its app store earlier. Google followed the same suit and banned Russia Today from the Play Store.

Google had already banned these apps in Ukraine at the request of Ukrainian Ministers but now this ban is in Europe and will really hurt Russia’s ability to reach the European Public and that is somewhat the plan.

Google’s Reason For Doing This

Google is taking all actions to curtail the presence of Russia’s state media on their platforms. Under the action plan, Google has been trying to stop the monetization, recommendations and reach of the Russian state media and that is why this has been happening.

“Consistent with the work we’ve described to reduce recommendations, pause monetization, and limit the reach of Russian state-funded media, mobile apps for Russian news channels RT and Sputnik are no longer available on the Play Store across Europe. Our teams continue to monitor the situation around the clock to take swift action.” – Google

This Affects Russia More Than You Think

Communication is a major tool to propagate ideas and do PR management. In media, reach is a major metric when calculating the efficiency of a media outlet. Reach allows the media outlet to influence a larger number of people, higher reach translates to more people influenced.

What Google and other similar platforms are doing is taking away the reach of these Russian mouthpieces and ensuring that less number of people are fed wrong or edited information.

The App had a million downloads

One must remember that these apps have a few million downloads, which means every day a few million people are being fed with malicious or biased news that will make people look away from the main issue that is the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Long Term Effects of Such Bans

In the long term, these bans will contribute to creating a safe internet ecosystem. One must always remember that media has a huge ability to influence the crowd and create both goodwill and malicious hatred.

Russian Mouthpiece Spreading Propaganda Banned

Media has always been the biggest tool to influence people and in the wrong hands, it’s been observed many times that oligarchs and dictators have used media to misdirect the world and cause chaos without claiming any responsibility.

These bans will tell the world that there are safeguards against malicious news and will control how media works. This will ensure that media is not used as a misdirect or a weapon and that the media remains always responsible for the way they work and so do their governments.

Like everyone in this world, we also hope that this needless war comes to an end and that people in Ukraine stay safe.



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