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Art of Rally to be Available for PS4 and PS5 this Month

Art of Rally, a racing game designed especially for fun-loving people was launched for PC last year. Later, the game was made available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox Pass in August 2021. And now, it’s time for Sony PlayStation.

Here are all the information’s available on the Art of Rally PlayStation release date, and the addition of new features.

Art of Rally Is Finally Releasing for Sony PlayStation

When the Nintendo Switch version of Art of Rally was released, many gamers were considering it as a new way to celebrate drifting. The Nintendo Switch version was unveiled during the Nintendo Indie World showcase in April 2021. In August, the game was made available on Nintendo Switch along with Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass.

According to the developer Funselektor, 8 off rally PS version will feature the Kenya update that the PC users have already witnessed. Further, it will also include 4 new cars, 6 new tracks, and even a revamped free-roam area. To celebrate the launch of Art of Rally on Sony PlayStation, the developers launched a teaser on their YouTube channel. You can check it out below.

Art of Rally Release Date and Gameplay Overview

After a weight of almost one year, and after getting released on all the other consoles, Art of Rally is finally making its way to Sony PlayStation – PS4 and PS5. The release date has also been confirmed by the developers, and it is October 6th, 2021. Just keep your finger crossed so that we don’t face any kind of delay in release.

Instead of placing you behind the wheel likes all its close competitors, Art of Rally is very much similar to Micro Machines. To be specific, it plays from a top-down view. However, despite its simple mechanics, most of its tricks are pretty hard to master. The game has 60 stunning stages situated in different parts of the world. And each stage has a very stylish presentation and above, all a sublime soundtrack.

Art of Rally: Features to Look Out For

There are plenty of features of the beautiful and stunning racing game, Art of Rally. But the ones that have grabbed everyone’s attention are mentioned below.

  1. The game allows us to relive the golden era of Rally Racing through its career mode. As mentioned, there are 60 different stages situated in different parts of the world, from Spain to Finland to China, India, and Germany.
  2. Through this game, you get the chance to drive some of the Most iconic vehicles launched between the 1960s and 1980s. Further, the vehicles have been divided into Group B, Group A, and Group S.
  3. From amateur to real Rally racers, the handling of this game is going to test the technique of every player. Players will have a tough time mastering steering, brakes, left foot braking, and turns.
  4. Top the leaderboard by winning different challenges organized on a daily and weekly basis.
  5. The built-in replay and photo mode will help you in capturing the best moments of the game. To be specific, moments where you have showcase your extreme driving skill.

So, this was all about the Art of Rally release on PlayStation. For more search interesting tech and gaming news, keep visiting TheTealMango.

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