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Apple Watch Series 7 Colors, Band Options, and Special Editions

Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 7 with a wide range of colors, band options, and casing last year in September, followed by its availability in the market next month. However, users often feel confused about which case, band, or color they should pick. To help you all, here is a guide explaining all the aesthetics of the latest Apple Watch Series.

Apple Watch Series 7 comes in two size options, having 41mm and 45mm screen sizes. However, there are many options available for bands and colors. There are five new and overhauled Aluminium case colors, excluding the Special Editions.

The good thing is that the Apple Watch Series 7 also includes backward compatibility. This means users will be able to use it with the previously released bands. Although it features the biggest display ever on an Apple Watch, the bands would fit perfectly.

Apple Watch Series 7 Options Case & Color Options

The first choice you will have on purchasing a Series 7 Apple Watch is for a case. You have to decide the material and consequent finish for the main body. This will also affect the weight of the watch module, its color, and its shine.

Additionally, it will also have some effects on the durability and sturdiness of the smartwatch. The material also decides the price of your Apple Watch.

Aluminum Case

The Aluminum Apple Watch is the most affordable as well as the most popular variant which is built using recycled and durable aluminum. This Apple Watch Series 7 is available in the following five color options:

  • Blue
  • Midnight
  • Starlight
  • Green

The Midnight and Starlight replace the last series’ colors Space Gray and Silver respectively, while Blue and Red have been overhauled. Blue is lighter than the previous series while Red is a bit deeper with Apple’s partnership with (RED). Green is introduced in any Apple Watch series for the first time.

All the colors look absolutely brilliant and the watch feels really premium despite being the standard variant. The price starts at $399 in the US.

Stainless Steel Case

The next variant is the Stainless Steel Apple Watch which comes for a higher price and features and additional shine and durability due to its material. However, it is available in fewer color options. You can find the Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 7 in three colors:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Graphite

These colors have a more formal and classy look as compared to the funky colors available in the Aluminum casing. It boasts a very premium finish and starts at $699 in the US.

Titanium Case

The most premium variant of the Apple Watch Series 7 is the Titanium case. It comes with the highest price because of the most durable material. Although it is a bit duller than the Stainless Steel case, it lasts longer under rough conditions with excellent resistance.

The Titanium Apple Watch Series 7 comes only in two colors:

  • Space Black
  • Titanium

It is also noteworthy that the Titanium finish is only available for the Apple Watch Edition. Although it doesn’t offer any extra features, specs, or anything else. It is only for branding purposes. The price for this variant starts at $799 in the US.

Apple Watch Series 7 Band Options

The Apple Watch Series 7 has a great range of band options available in different colors and materials. These bands have different prices based on their build materials, formality levels, and colors. You will find the following Band Options available for Apple Watch Series 7:

  • Solo Loop
  • Braided Solo Loop
  • Sport Band
  • Sport Loop
  • Nylon
  • Leather
  • Stainless Steel

Apart from these, there are also third-party band options available for Apple Watch. Some of them are cheaper and worth buying.

Solo Loop Band

The Solo Loop is a one-piece band made of silicone and available in multiple color variations. It features a buckle that you can use to fasten the watch on your wrist.

You can find the Solo Loop Band in the following colors:

  • English Lavender
  • Chalk Pink
  • Marigold
  • Clover
  • Dark Cherry
  • Abyss Blue
  • Starlight

The price for this type of band starts from $49 in the US.

Braided Solo Loop Band

The Braided Solo Loop is also a one-piece band but with a woven design (braids). It is more stretchable than the Solo Loop. You can easily slip it on and off your wrist without any hassle

It is built of recycled polyester yarn filaments and silicone threads. You will find the Braided Solo Loop band in the following colors:

  • Maize
  • Dark Cherry
  • English Lavender
  • Abyss Blue
  • Pride Edition

The price for this type of band starts from $99 in the US.

Sport Band

The Sport Band is the classic Apple Watch silicone band that doesn’t feature a custom size and comes in over a dozen colors. You can find it in the following colors:

  • Clover
  • Marigold
  • Dark Cherry
  • English Lavender
  • Abyss Blue
  • Starlight
  • Midnight
  • Black Unity
  • Olive Gray/Cargo Khaki (Nike Edition)
  • Ember/Crimson Bliss (Nike Edition)
  • Midnight Navy/Mystic Navy (Nike Edition)
  • Anthracite/Black (Nike Edition)
  • Platinum/Black (Nike Edition)

The price for this type of band starts at $49 in the US, however, it increases when you are buying the special edition ones.

Sport Loop Band

The Sport Loop is another band that isn’t custom-sized. It is made from woven nylon and provides a hook-and-loop fastener that allows you to easily put it on. Its design also makes sure it cushions the skin perfectly and allows the moisture to pass through.

You can find the Sport Loop band in the following nine colors:

  • Maize/White
  • Pink Pomelo/Tan
  • Abyss Blue/Moss Green
  • Dark Cherry/Forest Green
  • Tornado/Gray
  • Cargo Khaki (Nike Edition)
  • Summit White (Nike Edition)
  • Black (Nike Edition)

The price for this type of band also starts at $49 with the special edition ones costing more.

Leather Band

The Leather band is a classic-looking variant that comes in a number of shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. You can find a total of twenty-one options in this band including the Hermès exclusives:

  • Golden Brown Leather Link
  • Dark Cherry Leather Link
  • Sequoia Green Leather Link
  • Midnight Leather Link
  • Wisteria Modern Buckle
  • Chalk Modern Buckle
  • Midnight Modern Buckle
  • Biscuit/Bleu Electrique Swift Circuit H Single Tour
  • Noir/Bleu Electrique Swift Circuit H Single Tour
  • Rouge H/Noir Swift Circuit H Single Tour
  • Bleu Lin Swift Attelage Double Tour
  • Rouge H Swift Attelage Double Tour
  • Gold Swift Attelage Double Tour
  • Fauve Barenia Gourmette Double Tour
  • Gold Swift Attelage Single Tour
  • Rouge H Swift Attelage Single Tour
  • Navy Swift Single Tour
  • Gold Swift Single Tour
  • Blue Lin Swift Single Tour
  • Lime Swift Single Tour
  • Fauve Barenia Single Tour Deployment Buckle

The prices start at $99 and go up to a massive $849.

Stainless Steel Band

The Stainless Steel bands are available in two different variations- Milanese Loops and Link Bracelets.

The Milanese Loops variants are available in three colors:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Graphite

The Link Bracelet variants are available in only two colors:

  • Silver
  • Space Black

The prices for these bands start at $99 and go up to $349. You will get both durability and classy looks by buying these.

Nylon Band

The Nylon bands are Hermès exclusives and come with a higher price tag, obviously. You can find it in two different color options:

  • Kraft/Orange Jumping Single Tour
  • Kraft/Lime Jumping Single Tour

The price of these luxury bands starts at $319 each in the US.

Apple Watch Series 7 Special Editions

Apple has continued its partnerships with Nike and Hermès for Series 7 which resulted in two Special Edition Apple Watches.

The Apple Watch Hermès debuts the Circuit H and Gourmette Double Tour bands. Circuit H is the graphic representation of an anchor chain design while Gourmette Double Tour is a tribute to 1930s Hermès collars.

The Nike Edition is comparatively simpler with the return of Sport Loop and Sport Band. Both of them will feature the iconic Swoosh logo.

Customize your Own Design with Apple Watch Studio

The Apple Store provides an online tool called Apple Watch Studio that lets you create your own style by picking a case and choosing a specific band. You can experiment, mix, and match different designs to find the most suitable one for your wrist.

This tool also allows you to play with the casing size, material, and color alongside the band options. You will see live photos of how your chosen combination will appear. After finalizing the design, you can proceed with the purchase.

Apple also saves the design in the browser if you want to buy it at a later date. There’s no worry about losing your customized design.

That’s all for this guide. Which color, size, and design would you like for your Apple Watch Series 7? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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