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AirPods vs AirPods 2: What are the Core Differences?

After iPhone, AirPods are the most popular Apple product. Their glossy, user-friendly interface has won millions of followers worldwide, and hush the people who were making fun of their unique design. The first AirPods was launched in 2016, whereas its successor, AirPods 2 was launched after a long wait of 3 years in 2019. It’s 2021, and we are expecting the launch of AirPods 3 alongside the iPhone 13 in September.

Till we have AirPods 3 in our hand, let’s do a detailed comparison between AirPods and AirPods 2. So, if you are confused between AirPods vs AirPods 2, and wondering which one to buy to listen to your favorite Ed Sheeran tracks, and enjoy the upcoming PUBG: New State? Then, we are here with a detailed comparison between two mind-blowing products from Apple. At last, we will also mention the “reasons to buy” for both these products, so that it becomes easy for you to make a decision.

AirPods 1 vs AirPods 2: Detailed Comparison

Both these Apple products are best in their own ways. AirPods was the best earphone choice back in 2017, and AirPods 2 was the go-to option back in 2019. But are they still worth buying? And who’s the winner between AirPods vs AirPods 2 – in terms of specifications. Let’s find out in this post.


Apple products are all about their beautiful design, and clean white look have been with the firm since their inception, and there’s no chance that they are going to get over it.

If you have purchased AirPods 1 in the first place because of the design, then you will definitely love AirPods 2. As both these products are identical to each other design-wise. And in fact, both offer the same in-earing fitting and feeling. So, there’s nothing much to talk about these products, in terms of design.

Winner – Draw


In terms of features, AirPods 1 never fails to impress its users. The wireless connection is just top-notch and it will rarely disappoint you with its connectivity. The AirPods 1 offers a good battery life and gets charged up from zero to hundred in no time. Additionally, the earphones are very small and lightweight, therefore, you can use them for hours without feeling any kind of discomfort.

The AirPods 2 are almost identical two AirPods 1, only with some advancements. The original works on the W1 chip, whereas, its successor works on the new H1 chip. This new chipset means that you get a faster pairing and switching speed between Apple devices along with some other features including low battery consumption, minute latency, and complete hand-free voice access.

All thanks to the iOS 13, the AirPods 2 supports Audio Sharing. The inclusion of this feature in AirPods 2 gives you access to connect two AirPods with one iOS device. This feature will help you and your girlfriend to enjoy a romantic movie together with both having separate pair of AirPods on that is connected to one iOS device on which the movie is being streamed.

Again, courtesy to iOS 13,  now you can use your voice command to reply to incoming messages via Siri. Further, the AirPods 2 come along with a wireless charging case. On the other hand, AirPods 1 does support wireless charging, but the only difference is that it doesn’t come along with a wireless charging case. You can buy it separately from the market. Note that, it’s important for you to have a Qi-compatible wireless charging mat to make wireless charging possible in both the AirPods.

Winner – AirPods 2


Lastly coming to the most important aspect of any earphones, i.e. the audio output. The major difference that one can find in both the AirPods model is that the second generation is a bit louder than the original. A louder volume makes sure that you hear every detail of your favorite Ed Sheeran songs.

Both the AirPods produce a crisp and clear sound output, something for which Apple is famous. To be specific, the audio output is very natural and doesn’t have any artificially boosted bass.

The AirPods 2 are built with too much delicacy, smoothness, and elegance. Low-level dynamics shifts are more subtle and one can easily spot the difference between lows and highs. The latency is also next to zero. Lastly, the audio output is adequate and definitely gives tough competition to specialized brands like Sony and Bose.

Winner – AirPods 2


The 2019 model, AirPods 2 comes at the same price of AirPods.

Without a wireless charging case, AirPods and AirPods 2 are available at a price of $159. Whereas, with a wireless charging case AirPods 2 is available at a price of $199. You can buy a wireless charging case separately from the market for your AirPods by paying $79.

No doubt, buying wireless charging case separately cost more than good earphones present in the market. For example, the OnePlus Wireless Bullets ask $10 less than the cost of a wireless charging case and offer a better sound quality than AirPods.

Winner: AirPods 2

AirPods vs AirPods 2: Reasons To Buy

To sum up, the article, let’s give you brief details about the various reasons you need to buy any of these Apple products.

AirPods 1: Reason To Buy

  • Quickly get connected to all the iCloud signed devices.
  • Offers 24-hour battery backup with charging case, and 15 minutes of charging delivers 13 hours of playback time.
  • Supports wireless charging, but doesn’t come along with a case.

AirPods 2: Reasons To Buy

  • Available at the same price as the original.
  • Faster switching and connecting speed with compatible devices.
  • Offers better, clean, and crisp audio output.
  • Improve battery life, and offers 30% less latency.
  • Come along with a wireless charging case at the same price as that of the original.

Final Words

So, these was a detailed comparison between AirPods and AirPods 2. As you can see, AirPods 2 is a clear-cut winner over the original. Therefore, you can go with AirPods 2 to enjoy your favorite music tracks. However, we recommend you wait for few more days, as AirPods 3 is just about to launch. And if the latest release offers better features at a minimal price, then what better deal can you get?

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