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Why ESPN+ is Worth Buying After ESPN Got Dropped by Sling TV?

ESPN+ is often understood as a sub-categorization of the ESPN Network. However, it’s much more than that. Currently, ESPN Plus is the perfect route to live stream and watch sports available on the ESPN Network. Here’s why ESPN+ is a must-have in 2022.

ESPN+ offers a wide range of live sports including unrivaled coverage of the NHL, UFC, and various other top leagues. There are also a number of documentaries, behind-the-scenes, and shows from your favorite sports stars. All of this is available for a subscription fee.

Meanwhile, ESPN is a separate channel coming from the same network. Most United States residents get ESPN with their cable network or cord-cutting service like Sling TV. However, Sling TV’s deal with the network has recently ended and ESPN is no longer available there.

How is ESPN+ Different from the ESPN Channel?

ESPN+ and ESPN are pretty similar but very different at the same time. Both have now become essentials for hardcore sports fans, especially for the ones who want to enjoy every bit of the games.

ESPN+ is basically a sports-focused live streaming service while ESPN is a regular channel available on cable and satellite. Live sports and other sports-related content are available on both. However, the two offer differing mediums of consumption.

Users buy the ESPN+ subscription individually or as the Disney+ Streaming Bundle but they get access to ESPN with their cable provider or via cord-cutting services like Sling TV. If you wish to access them both under one source, you need to install the ESPN app.

The ESPN app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can switch between the dedicated tabs for ESPN+ and the regular channel’s content. Although you’ll need to buy the subscription before starting to stream your favorite games.

What ESPN+ offers VS what ESPN offers?

Launched in 2018, ESPN+ has now evolved into one of the most affordable and inclusive live sports streaming services. It offers impressive coverage across numerous sports, especially if you are a hockey or UFC fan.

There’s NHL, UFC, European soccer, KHL, La Liga, Bundesliga, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, EFL, athletics, cricket, and a huge number of International games. Most notably, ESPN+ is the exclusive carrier of all UFC PPV events.

On the other hand, ESPN is the standard sports-based channel where users can watch soccer, tennis, golf, hockey, cricket, combat sports, and a number of college sports games. However, you must access the channel through another medium, unlike ESPN+.

Why is ESPN+ a Good Replacement for ESPN Channel?

ESPN+ is a standalone service having a vast library of live sports, highlights, and other sports-focused content. It’s a perfect replacement for the ESPN channel which broadcasts live events and scheduled programming.

The main reason behind this is that the content of the two services often overlaps. For instance, MLB, MLS, and NHL games are often available on both mediums. However, ESPN+ allows you to watch the live stream on your terms for a more affordable price.

Bundesliga 2020-21 aired on both ESPN and ESPN+

Another point to note here is that ESPN+ has its own exclusivities such as NHL coverage and access to UFC Pay-per-View events. Whereas, ESPN doesn’t offer anything like that. If you are someone who is regularly hooked to ESPN, ESPN+ is the next level for you.

Although you need to remember that there are some games and programs that you don’t get on ESPN+ but they are only broadcasted on the standard channel.

ESPN+ is Way More Affordable than ESPN

ESPN+ is, in fact, way cheaper than having ESPN. That’s because ESPN+ only costs around $10 a month while ESPN comes either with cable or cord-cutting services like fuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, etc.

Sling TV offered the cheapest option to stream ESPN for only $35-$50. However, the service doesn’t provide the ESPN channel anymore due to the expiration of its deal with the network. This means you’ll have to spend around $70+ a month to watch ESPN.

You can save those extra dollars by completely switching to ESPN+ which is very affordable. It also comes as part of the Disney+ Streaming Bundle costing only $13.99 a month and you also get access to Disney+ and Hulu.

You won’t have a tough time as most of the sports are available with ESPN+ while you can get the unavailable ones on-demand via the ESPN app. The app offers access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes, SEC Network, SEC Network +, Longhorn Network, ACC Network Extra, ESPN Goal Line, and ESPN Bases Loaded Networks

You can simply get the channels on-demand during the league season or when your favorite teams are playing. For the rest of the days, you can have ESPN+ where you also get to watch exclusive shows and series alongside the live games.

Should you buy ESPN+ in 2022?

YES! ESPN+ is definitely a worthy buy due to its long catalog of live sports and other content revolving around the games and players. You will have an unmatched live streaming experience for a very economical price if you’re a passionate sports fan.

If you don’t have access to the ESPN channel, then ESPN+ is the perfect replacement and your route to switch to streaming and on-demand watching. It’s going to be highly convenient, affordable, and mesmerizing.

If you are a hockey or UFC fan, then ESPN+ is going to be enough for you. However, if you are into multiple sports, you still have the option to get other services using the money you saved by not getting the ESPN channel via fuboTV, Hulu, or the local cable provider.

What are your thoughts about it? Feel free to use the comment box if you have any queries or counter-arguments regarding anything written here. We’ll be glad to have more discussion.

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