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How to Watch UEFA Nations League 2022-23 in The USA and Canada?

UEFA Nations League 2022-23 is about to kick off with Spain taking on Portugal this Friday. Find out how to watch all UEFA Nations League games live stream in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, or anywhere else.

UEFA launched the Nations League in 2018 to turn the bland friendly games among countries into competitive games carrying great incentives, opportunities, and a prize. The championship unlocks a pathway to qualify for the UEFA European Championship and to the World Cup via the UEFA World Cup qualifiers.

This time, 55 teams are going to participate to get their hold of the coveted crown. France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and many other teams are coming up with gripping stories. France is the reigning champion while Portugal won the inaugural edition of the tournament.

How to Watch UEFA Nations League in the USA?

The first two editions of the UEFA Nations League were broadcasted in the USA via ESPN and ESPN+ streaming service. However, soccer fans in the USA can watch the UEFA Nations League 2022-23 live on FOX Sports channels while the live streaming will be available on fuboTV.

The majority of the games will be available to watch on the three FOX channels: FOX, FS1, and FS2, and a number of games will be available to watch via fuboTV. The streaming service also carries the aforementioned FOX channels.

UEFA has also confirmed recently that a number of Nations League 2022-23 games will be broadcasted in the USA on TelevisaUnivision. Make sure you have access to these channels to enjoy uninterrupted coverage of thrilling soccer action.

Watch UEFA Nations League 2022-23 in Canada

In Canada, viewers can watch the UEFA Nations League 2022-23 games on DAZN, which is a sports-based OTT streaming platform. DAZN is the official broadcaster of all UEFA Nations League games in the country for this season.

You will require a monthly subscription costing CA$20 per month, or an annual subscription costing CA$150 per year in order to enjoy the games live. There is no free tier of the service available.

DAZN is also the official broadcaster of UEFA Nations League 2022-23 games in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Watch UEFA Nations League 2022-23 in the UK

Football fans in the UK can watch the UEFA Nations League 2022-23 matches on Premier Sports. Whereas, England’s games will be broadcasted live on Channel 4. The viewers can also watch the free live stream of England’s matches on the Channel 4 website and app.

The free live stream is only available to viewers based in the UK. You can still use a reliable VPN if you are currently out of your country. To watch the games on Premier Sports, you will need a package that starts from £9.99 per month.

Watch UEFA Nations League 2022-23 in Australia & New Zealand

The viewers in Australia can watch UEFA Nations League 2022-23 games on Optus Sports while the viewers in New Zealand can enjoy the games on Sky Sports channels.

You will need the channels to be a part of your cable subscription as there are no free options available to enjoy the games in these regions.

List of Broadcasters to Watch UEFA Nations League 2022-23 from Anywhere

UEFA has official and exclusive broadcasting partners in every region of the world for the UEFA Nations League. The viewership is expected to go massive this year as there will be 55 participating nations.

Below is the list of channels, apps, and websites where you can watch the UEFA Nations League 2022-23 live stream from any country or territory. The data is brought to you by

Broadcasters in Europe

  • Albania:¬†Digitalb
  • Andorra:¬†Tf1/M6/TVE/la chaine L’Equipe
  • Armenia: Public TV Armenia/Vivaro Media¬†
  • Austria:¬†ORF/Puls24/DAZN
  • Azerbaijan:¬†CBC Sport
  • Belarus:¬†Belarus TV
  • Belgium:¬†RTL Belgium/DPG Media/Eleven Sports
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina:¬†BHRT/BH Telecom/Arena Sport
  • Bulgaria:¬†BNT/NOVA
  • Croatia:¬†Nova TV/SportKlub
  • Cyprus:¬†CyBC/Cyta
  • Czech Republic:¬†ńĆesk√° televize/AMC Networks
  • Denmark:¬†TV2
  • England:¬†Channel 4/Premier Sport
  • Estonia:¬†Viaplay
  • Faroe Islands:¬†Faroese Broadcasting Corporation/TV2
  • Finland:¬†YLE/MTV
  • France:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe
  • Georgia:¬†GPB/Silknet
  • Germany:¬†ARD/ZDF/RTL/DAZN
  • Gibraltar:¬†GBC
  • Greece:¬†Alpha TV/Nova Sports
  • Hungary:¬†MTVA/TV2/Arena 4
  • Iceland:¬†Viaplay
  • Israel:¬†The Sports Channel/Charlton
  • Italy:¬†Rai/Mediaset/Sky
  • Kazakhstan:¬†Qazsport/Almasport
  • Kosovo:¬†Klan Kosova/Art Motion
  • Latvia:¬†Viaplay
  • Liechtenstein:¬†Landeskanal
  • Lithuania:¬†Viaplay
  • Luxembourg:¬†RTL/Eleven Sports/RTL Belgium
  • Malta:¬†TVM
  • Moldova:¬†GMG/Alma Sport
  • Monaco:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe
  • Montenegro:¬†Arena Sport
  • Netherlands:¬†NOS/Ziggo Sport
  • Northern Ireland:¬†Premier Sports
  • North Macedonia:¬†Arena Sport
  • Norway:¬†TV2
  • Poland:¬†TVP/Polsat
  • Portugal:¬†RTP/Sport TV
  • Republic of Ireland:¬†RTE/Virgin Media/Premier Sports
  • Romania:¬†Antena TV/Clever Media/Digi Sport
  • Russia:¬†Okko TV
  • San Marino:¬†RTV/Rai/Mediaset/Sky
  • Scotland:¬†Premier Sports
  • Serbia:¬†RTS/Arena Sport
  • Slovakia:¬†RTV/AMC Networks
  • Slovenia:¬†SportKlub
  • Spain:¬†TVE
  • Sweden:¬†TV6/Viaplay
  • Switzerland:¬†SRG SSR/DAZN
  • Turkey:¬†TRT/S Sport
  • Ukraine:¬†Media Group Ukraine
  • Vatican City:¬†RAI/Mediaset/Sky
  • Wales:¬†S4C/Premier Sports

Broadcasters Outside Europe

  • Afghanistan:¬†Sony Six
  • Algeria: TBC
  • American Samoa:¬†Fox Sports/fuboTV/TelevisaUnivision
  • Angola:¬†SuperSport
  • Anguilla: TBC
  • Antigua & Barbuda: TBC
  • Argentina:¬†ESPN
  • Aruba:¬†NOS
  • Australia:¬†Optus
  • Bahamas: TBC
  • Bahrain: TBC
  • Barbados: TBC
  • Bangladesh:¬†Sony Six
  • Belize:¬†ESPN
  • Benin:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Bermuda: TBC
  • Bhutan:¬†Sony Six
  • Bolivia:¬†ESPN
  • Bonaire:¬†NOS/Ziggo Sport
  • Botswana:¬†SuperSport
  • Brazil:¬†Globo/ESPN
  • Burkina Faso:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Burundi:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Cameroon:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Canada:¬†DAZN
  • Cape Verde:¬†SuperSport
  • Cayman Islands: TBC
  • Central African Republic:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Chad:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Chile:¬†ESPN
  • PR China:¬†iQiyi Sport
  • Cocos Islands:¬†Digicel
  • Colombia:¬†ESPN
  • Comoros:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Congo Republic:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Cook Islands:¬†Digicel
  • Costa Rica:¬†ESPN
  • Cuba: TBC
  • Curacao:¬†NOS
  • Democratic Republic of Congo:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Djibouti:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Dominica: TBC
  • Dominican Republic:¬†ESPN
  • Ecuador:¬†ESPN
  • Egypt: TBC
  • Equatorial Guinea:¬†SuperSport
  • El Salvador:¬†ESPN
  • Eritrea:¬†SuperSport
  • Eswatini (Swaziland):¬†SuperSport
  • Ethiopia:¬†SuperSport
  • Falkland Islands: TBC
  • Fiji:¬†Digicel
  • French Guyana:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe/ESPN
  • French Polynesia:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe/Digicel
  • French Southern and Antarctic lands:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe
  • Gabon: SuperSport/New World TV
  • Gambia:¬†SuperSport
  • Ghana:¬†SuperSport
  • Grenada: TBC
  • Guadeloupe:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe
  • Guam:¬†Fox Sports/fuboTV/TelevisaUnivision
  • Guatemala:¬†ESPN
  • Guinea:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Guinea-Bissau:¬†SuperSport
  • Guyana:¬†ESPN
  • Haiti: TBC
  • Honduras:¬†ESPN
  • Hong Kong SAR: TBC
  • India:¬†Sony Six
  • Indonesia: TBC
  • Iran: TBC
  • Iraq: TBC
  • Ivory Coast:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Jamaica: TBC
  • Japan: TBC
  • Jordan: TBC
  • Kenya:¬†SuperSport
  • Kiribati:¬†Digicel
  • Kuwait: TBC
  • Kyrgyzstan: TBC
  • Laos: TBC
  • Lebanon: TBC
  • Lesotho:¬†SuperSport
  • Liberia:¬†SuperSport
  • Libya: TBC
  • Macau SAR:¬†iQiyi Sport
  • Madagascar:¬†SuperSport/New World TV/la chaine L’Equipe
  • Malawi:¬†SuperSport
  • Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam: TBC
  • Maldives:¬†Sony Six
  • Mali:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Mariana Islands:¬†Fox Sports/fuboTV/TelevisaUnivision
  • Marshall Islands:¬†Digicel
  • Martinique:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe
  • Mauritania:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Mauritius:¬†SuperSport/New World TV/la chaine L’Equipe
  • Mayotte:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe
  • Mexico:¬†Sky Mexico
  • Micronesia:¬†Digicel
  • Midway:¬†Fox Sports/fuboTV/TelevisaUnivision
  • Mongolia:¬†Unitel
  • Montserrat: TBC
  • Morocco: TBC
  • Mozambique:¬†SuperSport
  • Myanmar:¬†Skynet
  • Namibia:¬†SuperSport
  • Nauru:¬†Digicel
  • Nepal:¬†Sony Six
  • Nevis: TBC
  • New Caledonia:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe
  • New Zealand:¬†Sky
  • Nicaragua:¬†ESPN
  • Niger:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Nigeria:¬†SuperSport
  • Niue:¬†Digicel
  • Oman: TBC
  • Pakistan:¬†Sony Six
  • Palau:¬†Digicel
  • Palestine (Gaza strip & West Bank): TBC
  • Panama:¬†ESPN
  • Papua New Guinea:¬†EM TV
  • Paraguay:¬†ESPN
  • Peru:¬†ESPN
  • Philippines:¬†TAP
  • Puerto Rico:¬†Fox Sports/fuboTV/TelevisaUnivision
  • Qatar: TBC
  • R√©union:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe
  • Rwanda:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Saba:¬†NOS/Ziggo Sport
  • Samoa:¬†Digicel
  • Sao Tome and Principe:¬†SuperSport
  • Saudi Arabia: TBC
  • Senegal:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Seychelles:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Sierra Leone:¬†SuperSport
  • Singapore:¬†Starhub
  • Solomon Islands:¬†Digicel
  • Somalia:¬†SuperSport
  • South Africa:¬†SuperSport
  • South Korea:¬†Eclat
  • South Sudan:¬†SuperSport
  • Sri Lanka:¬†Sony Six
  • St. Barts:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe
  • St. Christopher: TBC
  • St. Eustatius:¬†NOS/Ziggo Sport
  • St. Helena and Ascension:¬†SuperSport
  • St. Kitts: TBC
  • St. Lucia: TBC
  • St. Martin:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe
  • St. Maarten:¬†NOS
  • St. Pierre & Miquelon:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe
  • St. Vincent & the Grenadines: TBC
  • Sudan:¬†SuperSport
  • Surinam:¬†ESPN
  • Syria: TBC
  • Taiwan/Chinese Taipei:¬†ELTA
  • Tajikistan: TBC
  • Tanzania:¬†SuperSport
  • Thailand: TBC
  • Timor Leste: TBC
  • Togo:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Tokelau:¬†Digicel
  • Tonga:¬†Digicel
  • Tortola: TBC
  • Trinidad & Tobago: TBC
  • Tunisia: TBC
  • Turkmenistan: TBC
  • Turks & Caicos Islands: TBC
  • Tuvalu:¬†Digicel
  • Uganda:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • United Arab Emirates: TBC
  • United States of America:¬†Fox Sports/fuboTV/TelevisaUnivision
  • Uruguay:¬†ESPN
  • U.S. Virgin Islands:¬†Fox Sports/fuboTV/TelevisaUnivision
  • Uzbekistan:¬†MTRK
  • Vanuatu:¬†Digicel
  • Venezuela:¬†ESPN
  • Vietnam: TBC
  • Wallis & Futuna:¬†Tf1/M6/la chaine L’Equipe/Digicel
  • Yemen: TBC
  • Zambia:¬†SuperSport/New World TV
  • Zimbabwe:¬†SuperSport/New World TV

UEFA Nations League 2022-23 Leagues and Groups

Here are the leagues and groups for the UEFA Nations League 2022-23 season:


  • Group A1: France, Denmark, Croatia, Austria
  • Group A2: Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic
  • Group A3: Italy, Germany, England, Hungary
  • Group A4: Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Wales


  • Group B1: Ukraine, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Armenia
  • Group B2: Iceland, Russia (suspended until further notice), Israel, Albania
  • Group B3: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Romania, Montenegro
  • Group B4: Sweden, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia


  • Group C1: Turkey, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Faroe Islands
  • Group C2: Northern Ireland, Greece, Kosovo, Cyprus
  • Group C3: Slovakia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan
  • Group C4: Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Georgia, Gibraltar


  • Group D1: Liechtenstein, Moldova, Andorra, Latvia
  • Group D2: Malta, Estonia, San Marino

A total of 55 nations will be playing this time to get the Nations League title.

Dates for the UEFA Nations League 2022-23 Games

Here are the dates for the different rounds of the UEFA Nations League that will kick off on Friday, June 1, 2022 and will continue till 2023:

Matchdays 1 & 2: June 1, 2022, to June 8, 2022

Matchdays 3 & 4: June 9, 2022, to June 14, 2022

Matchdays 5 & 6: September 22, 2022 to September 27, 2022

Finals draw: TBD

Semi-finals: June 14, 2023, and June 15, 2023

Final & third-place match: June 18, 2023

Play-outs: March 21 to March 23, 2024, and March 24 to March 26, 2024

The first and second rounds will take place in June 2022 while the third round will be played in September. After that, the fans will have to wait until 2023 to enjoy the remainder of the tournament.

Are you excited about the UEFA Nations League this time? Who do you think will be taking the crown? Let us know in the comments.

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