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Who is David Jakubonis? War Veteran who Tried to Stab US Congressman Lee Zeldin

New York gubernatorial nominee Rep. Lee Zeldin was attacked by a 43-year-old man during an upstate campaign event Thursday (July 21) evening. Zeldin, however, escaped the attack as he grabbed the attacker’s wrist before others tackled the man. The person who attacked Zeldin has been identified as David Jakubonis. Read on to learn more about him.

Who is David Jakubonis?

Local broadcaster WROC has reported that David Jakubonis was an Iraq war veteran. A LinkedIn profile in the name of “David Jakubonis, Fairport, New York” states that he is currently unemployed and looking for a new job.

Per this profile, the 43-year-old man studied clinical laboratory sciences at George Washington University and criminal justice at Rochester Institute of Technology, then worked for five years as a lab technician in the U.S. Army. Also, when we looked for David’s Facebook, we couldn’t find it. As soon as the government makes more information public, more information will be given.

About The Attack On Zeldin

Zeldin, New York gubernatorial nominee Rep. who is standing against the state’s Democratic governor, Kathy Hochul, in November, was delivering a speech in the upstate town of Fairport on Thursday (July 21) evening when he was attacked by a 43-year-old man.

A man climbed on stage and tried to stab US Congressman Lee Zeldin. The Republican revealed that he grabbed the attacker’s wrist and stopped him for a few moments before others tackled the man. Not only this, but the NBC affiliate reported that audience members disarmed the man, and put him in zip-ties that were pulled from campaign posters. The suspect may have had some sort of bladed instrument, NBC News reported.

His words as he tried to stab me a few hours ago were ‘you’re done,” the Republican politician tweeted thanking fellow politician Alison Esposito for help. “I’m okay…fortunately, I was able to grab his wrist and grab him for a few moments until others tackled him.”

David G. Jakubonis, 43 of Fairport, N.Y., was charged with attempted assault in the second degree. He was arraigned in Perinton Town Court and released on his own recognizance, the sheriff’s department stated.

Support Pours In From Politicians…

The Zeldin campaign released a statement saying, “Congressman Zeldin, Alison Esposito and all members of Team Zeldin are safe following tonight’s attack. Far more must be done to make New York safe again. This is very much getting out of hand in this state.”

Zeldin’s Democratic opponent in the race, Gov. Kathy Hochul, said in a tweet that “I condemn this violent behaviour in the strongest terms possible — it has no place in New York.” She also said she was “relieved to hear that Congressman Zeldin was not injured and that the suspect is in custody.”

Langworthy has called out on Hochul to issue a security detail for Zeldin to protect him on the campaign trail. “This could have gone a lot worse. This could have really ended in a horrible way tonight and this is unacceptable,” he said. If you don’t know, Zeldin is an Army Reserve lieutenant colonel who represented eastern Long Island in Congress since 2015. 

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  1. The Democrats Party is pushing this on their supporters…

    A few weeks ago, a California a Liberal Asshole like this guy drove from California, the LIBERAL ASSASIN, but then he turned into the Liberal Pussy he is, and called the cops on himself…

    No one reported it, the DOJ is not enforcing the Law because only Conservatives are being attacked…

    This is why Normal Americans like the AR-15, it will be very handy in dealing with Liberals when they start the next Civil War…

  2. There is no current evidence this guy, Jakubonis, is a Democrat. He might have PTSD as an Iraq Vet.

    Poring gas or lies on the event only serves to inflame the gullible..


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