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What Happened to Shanquella Robinson? Latest Update So Far

Not long ago, a shocking video popped up on the internet. The clip showed a 25-year-old North Carolina woman named Shanquella Robinson being brutally beaten by a friend in a Mexico villa. Shanquella Robinson was a businesswoman and hairstylist.

Robinson was found dead in a villa in Mexico. Soon after, her friends claimed that she passed away due to alcohol poisoning. As per a report by Daily Mail, Shanquella was on a  Mexico vacation with her friends. Keep scrolling further to know more details about the death of Shanquella Robinson.

What happened to Shanquella Robinson?

It has been reported by the media outlet that Shanquella Robinson left for a trip to Cabo, Mexico with her friends on October 28, 2022. The group of 7 friends even rented out a villa to celebrate the birthday of a friend.

Nearly after 24 hours, the businesswoman was found dead in a Mexico villa. Soon after the news of her death began swirling on the internet. In a video that has surfaced online, one of her friends named Daejhanae Jackson can be seen beating up Shanquella Robinson while she was naked in a bedroom.

The friends who traveled to Cabo, Mexico with Shanquella Robinson recorded the whole incident on their mobile phones. At one time in the video, a friend can be heard cheering on Daejhanae, meanwhile, another one said, “At least fight back.”

More details about the incident that happened between Shanquella and Daejhanae Jackson

It has been reported by Daily Mail, that Shanquella tried her best to get away from the aggressor and she responded to the person who asked her to fight back with a simple ‘no’ before the woman slammed her to the floor next to the bed.

In the video, the woman punches and soon after knees in her head. Then, the woman whose name is Daejhanae Jackson shouted at Robinson and told her ‘get up, I’m tired of the ****.’

Shanquella and her group of friends were residing at a property named Villa Linda. A representative of the property has told the media outlet, WJZY, that the concierge informed a doctor about Robinson’s condition and the doctor attempted to revive Shanquella but the doctor’s attempts failed.

Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene at 3 p.m. local time almost 15 minutes after she was beaten by one of her friends named Daejhanae Jackson.

Shanquella’s video went viral on social media

Since the time, the video of the brutal attack went viral on the internet, the names and pictures of Shanquella Robinson’s friends have also appeared online. Their names are as follows: Khalil, Wenter Donovan, Alysse Hyatt, Daejhanae Jackson, and Nazeer Wiggins.’

Shanquella’s mom Salamondra stated that the group left her daughter’s body there and returned from Mexico. In the video, it can be seen that Shanquella was brutally beaten by Daejhanae Jackson.

Here’s all you need to know about Daejhanae Jackson

In the blink of an eye, the names of the friends who were on Mexico vacation with Shanquella Robinson popped online and since then, all of her six friends have removed their social media profiles.

As of this moment, not much information is known about Daejhanae Jackson who beat Shanquella Robinson in the viral video. But the social media users have been able to get a hold of Daejhanae Jackson’s LinkedIn profile. The users posted a snap of her profile on the micro-blogging platform Twitter.

According to the LinkedIn page of Daejhanae, she is an aspiring healthcare professional. She has stated on her profile that she studied at Winston- Salem State University. As per her LinkedIn profile, back in the day, she worked at Blue Rhino in Greensboro, North Carolina.

When we went through the official website of the company, we found out that they are a “propane tank exchange brand.” Right now, it is not unknown whether she still works at the organization. At the moment, she is receiving immense hate online for her horrible actions.

The netizens want Robinson’s friends to be behind the bars

Social media users have found the reasons behind Robinson’s death to be vague. The internet users are pretty convinced that the group of friends was behind the death of Shanquella Robinson.

The viral video of Daejhanae Jackson beating Shanquella Robinson has strengthened the claim of the people. The netizens are asking the police authorities for Robinson’s friends to be imprisoned.

One user wrote, “Watching that video of shaquella robinson literally makes me nauseous. How tf you go on a vacation with someone you harbor that much hatred for? Daejhanae Jackson you a raggedy bitch for that! And all the rest of y’all hoes too!!!!!” Another added, “Daejhanae Jackson you going to Jail along with your Accessories…”

What did Shanquella’s mom Salamondra have to say about her daughter’s passing away?

According to The U.S. Sun, Robinson’s mom Salamondra got to know about her 25-year- old daughter’s death on October 29, 2022. She recalled the moment when she learned about her daughter’s death and told WNCT, “They were getting ready to eat. I said, ‘OK, I love you. Have a good night, and I will talk to you tomorrow.’”

Salamondra told the media outlet, “I never talked to my child again. She never made it back home.” She talked about her daughter’s friends with whom Shanquella went to Cabo, Mexico, and further added, “They said she wasn’t feeling well. She had alcohol poisoning. Each one of the people that was there with her was telling different stories.”

The grieving mom went on to say, “When the autopsy came back, they said it didn’t have anything to do with the alcohol. They said that she had a broken neck and her spine in the back was cracked. She had been beaten.” Salamondra stated that her daughter Shanquella “had a heart of gold and she loved everybody and pretty much everybody loved her.”

Shanquella Robinson’s mom Salamondra is still looking for answers about her daughter’s death. We hope justice is served soon. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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