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What Happened to Calum Von Moger? The Bodybuilder is in ICU After Jumping from a Two-Story Apartment

Everyone’s worried for Calum Von Moger and support is poured on the internet. Calum, in addition to being a competitive bodybuilder, is also a fantastic actor most renowned for his portrayal of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Moger was born in Victoria, Australia, of Dutch and Austrian descent. He relocated to Los Angeles in October 2014. He returned to Australia in October 2021 and built a gym. According to reports, Calum is a disturbed man with his own challenges.

The bodybuilder however has jumped from a window. Everyone is concerned about what happened to Calum Von Moger and how it happened. And here’s what we know so far about the incident and his condition.

Calum Is In ICU After Jumping From A Two-Story Apartment

The terrible incident took place on May 6, 2022, in the afternoon. Calum Von Moger allegedly got high on meth and jumped out of a ‘two-story’ apartment window.

In this incident, the builder cut himself with glass and injured his spine. And when we said he cut himself, we meant he jumped ‘through’ window glasses. Calum was immediately taken to the hospital and is still sedated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

According to reports, Calum was unable to walk after the incident due to the volume of two-story he fell from. Nick Trigili of the “BodyBuilding & BS” YouTube channel gave some light on the situation.

Nick stated, “It does not look good for him.”

Calum Von Moger Was Asked To Leave From His Parent’s House

Calum’s parents actually forced him to leave the house he was staying in that they now owned since it was allegedly broken into, he was a robber, it was trashed, and the parents were fed up with Calum.

According to Nick, that was most likely “the last straw for them.” Then his parents forced him to leave. Calum Von Moger confirmed, “allegedly he hasn’t gotten sober get since all these incidents.”

What Actually Happened To Calum Von Moger? 

Calum was in a two-story house when, for whatever reason, he jumped through his window, according to Nick. ‘Not out of the window, jumped through the window.’ Nick also ‘cut himself up pretty bad.’

And when he landed after jumping out of this two-story building, he injured his spine so badly that he couldn’t walk. They had to call an ambulance, and he is now sedated in an ICU. Nick also stated that it’s actually a ‘really tragic story’.

He also mentioned, “It does not look good. I don’t want to say too much because I really don’t have all the fine details… But from my sources, allegedly it is really, really bad.”

You can check out the whole video below.

Everyone Poured Love & Support For Calum On The Internet

Well, after this pretty terrible incident friends & followers of Calum poured support on the internet.

Terrible situation.

Everyone’s praying.

Really sad to see this.

We wish Calum a speedy recovery and understand how awful it is that the bodybuilder is in such a terrible position. You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Met Calum on stage at Muscle Beach in Venice CA back on Labor Day 2016. I followed his career ever since. Every time he gets injured, I can’t believe it. I keep asking “why Calum”. Now the incident of going out the window. I pray that he recovers and if so, pray that his family can forgive him and stand behind him to see that he gets serious help.

  2. Having any kind of mental health issue or drug addiction is hard.only one that has been thru it knows and understands. I hope and pray he heals both mind and body and God bless the family it’s tough on both sides. God bless everyone involved.

  3. Dude has had everything and yet nothing at the same time. Too much to soon maybe? I don’t know, but our prayers are with our Brother in Iron and hope for a speedy recovery. 💪👱‍♂️🙏


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