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Taylor Swift Faces $1M Lawsuit For Stealing ‘Lover’ Book Design

Taylor Swift is in hot waters for her “Lover” book, which was released as a part of the “Lover” album on August 23, 2019. Author Teresa La Dart has accused the singer-songwriter of infringing on her poetry collection of the same name. In a $1M lawsuit, the author alleges that a “number of creative elements” from her 2010 book Lover were copied into Swift’s book.

Taylor Replicated The “Vibe” and “Design”

Copyright lawsuits can be really clumsy and Taylor Swift has just been hit with another one. While Taylor is embroiled in an existing copyright lawsuit over her hit song “Shake It Off”, she has been slammed with another one with relates to her “Lover” book. A less-known author Teresa La Dart has accused Taylor Swift of copying the “vibe” and “design” from her book with the same name.

In a complaint filed Tuesday in Tennessee federal court, author Teresa La Dart claimed that “a number of creative elements” from her 2010 book Lover were copied into Swift’s book – an extra bundled with the special-edition Lover CD that the New York Times referred to as a “must-read companion” for Swift fans.

It has been alleged that the “All Too Well” performer copied Teresa’s tone of “poems, anecdotes and photos” from her books. The lawsuit further alleges that someone on Swift’s team decided to replicate the book’s “vibe and design”. The complaint also claimed that not only do both works share the same title but each is a “recollection of past years memorialized in a combination of written and pictorial components.”

The lawsuit states that the plaintiff’s book has been registered for copyright in 2010 with the United States Copyright Registration Office. La Dart also claimed that the colour scheme and style of the images used are too similar for it to be coincidental.

La Dart’s Was Not Paid Or Credited

The lawsuit brings forward factual information as to the sales of the “Bad Blood” singer’s book. It mentions that the Swift and TSP “Lover” book has achieved considerable sales in association with the Swift “Lover” album through numerous different sources (retail stores and online services, at least). However, at least 2.9 million copies have been sold within the United States since its release date (over 4 million copies sold internationally).

Swift’s book infringes La Dart’s copyrights, La Dart’s lawyer wrote in the lawsuit, and the star now owes in “excess of one million dollars” in damages. It has been alleged that the defendants have neither sought nor obtained a license from TLD for creative design elements rights. They have not given any credit or monetary payment to the plaintiff.

As for the similarities, it has been alleged that Teresa’s book and Swift’s book include covers that feature “pastel pinks and blues”. Not only this, an image of the author “photographed in downward pose” too has been copied.

It has been further alleged that the book’s format, namely “a recollection of past years memorialized in a combination of written and pictorial components” has also been copied. La Dart alleges that the inner book design, comprising of “interspersed photographs and writings” also infringed her copyrights.

Teresa (Plaintiff) has prayed for damages in excess of one million dollars, including an award of actual damages and the defendant’s profits attributable to the infringement. Further, the prayer section also seeks statutory damages under the Copyright Act, as well as costs and attorney’s fees in accordance with the said act. it also seeks profits and damages resulting from exploitation of the work domestically and internationally.

What Do Legal Experts Suggest?

While Teresa is confident about her lawsuit exceeding $1M, several law experts suggest that the case is highly questionable and unlikely to succeed. if you don’t know this, even though the titles of Swift’s book and Teresa’s book are identical, copyright law typically doesn’t provide protection to titles.

Now, the name “Lover” is hardly original to La Dart. U.S. Copyright Office records indicate that more than a dozen other books feature the same title. Per a renowned litigator, the lawsuit should be dismissed on a motion or the plaintiff must voluntarily withdraw this lawsuit.  What do you think about this lawsuit?

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