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Patti LaBelle Rushed Off Stage After Riverside Theater in Milwaukee Hit By Bomb Threat

Chaos erupted at Riverside Theater in Milwaukee during Patti LaBelle’s performance Saturday (Dec. 10) night. The 78-year-old singer was rushed off stage whilst her show after the venue was hit by a bomb threat. After a confusing moment, the audience was evacuated and the threat is being investigated.

What Happened At Patti LaBelle’s Show?

Patti LaBelle’s Saturday (De. 10) show soon turned into a madhouse after the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee was hit by a bomb threat. The 78-year-old R&B singer, referred to as the “Godmother of Soul” was rushed off stage in the middle of a Milwaukee show after the venue was allegedly hit by a bomb threat.

The unsettling moment was captured on camera, revealing two men (bodyguards) rushing onto the stage and grabbing the mic stand from the “Stir It Up” artist as she clutched a bouquet while speaking to the crowd.¬† As one of the men tried to grab her by the arm, forcing her to drop the bouquet, LaBelle shouted: “Hold up, Wait! Another man ran from the stage and snatched her free arm, taking her off the stage.

A confused audience, who initially thought it to be a funny moment, soon started to panic as the legendary singer of taken away from the stage. After this, authorities evacuated the audience from the theater.

Another video taken by a woman from outside the theater suggests that people were waiting outside, wondering if they could go inside. “But it’s all shut down,” the woman can be heard saying. Per a police release shared by a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter, the authorities are investigating the bomb threat.

What’s The Development?


Some people stayed outside, while some left for their homes. People expressed their disappointment after the concert got canceled. One fan wrote, “My love goes out to you Patti Labelle. You tried to make it such a loving and joyful holiday and someone had to ruin it for you.” Others were just wondering if they could make it back to the concert. However, the theater was completely shut down amid the bomb threat.

Patti LaBelle has been described as “the greatest gay icon of all time and a prime example of the intersection of the¬†LGBT community and black female artists.” The singer previously made headlines after a West Point cadet filed a civil suit against LaBelle. It was reported that her bodyguards assaulted him at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

Despite her controversies, Patti, whose career spans over seven decades, sold over 50 million copies worldwide. She had been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Apollo Theater Hall of Fame, and the Black Music & Entertainment Walk of Fame. She is referred to as a “dramatic soprano” for her vocal power, emotive delivery, and range.

As per the latest reports, everyone at the concert was safely evacuated. No bomb was found and it could be possible that it was a false alert. Nevertheless, a large police presence blocked off streets near the theater. The investigation is still going on and nothing is clear yet. The story is developing.

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