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Machine Gun Kelly Gets Electrocuted at Pre-Super Bowl Party Performance

Machine Gun Kelly had a rather ‘shocking’ incident during a pre-Super Bowl party. The rapper has revealed that he was electrocuted while performing at the event on Friday. Kelly shared the update with his followers through his Instagram story.

The 32 year old singer also posted his look, which shows his hair standing straight up as a result of the electrocution. However, fans need not worry as MGK is absolutely fine, and he even attended a party with Megan Fox after the said performance. Continue reading to know more about the incident.

Machine Gun Kelly Says He was Electrocuted During Pre-Super Bowl Party

The Forget Me Too singer took to Instagram on Saturday to share a video of himself performing at the Coors Light Bird’s Nest in Phoenix. He captioned the video, “YOOO 🤯 I GOT ELECTRICUTED (sic) AND MY HAIR STOOD UP ⚡️🤣⚡️.” Kelly was seen dancing in the clip with his blonde hair standing straight up to the end.

He did not reveal how did the incident take place. He also did not confirm if he actually got a shock or if it was a prank, as no medical professionals were called to the spot. Furthermore, he is said to be keeping fine.

For his performance, Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, wore silver metallic pants with a white crop top. After the two-hour-long concert, he met his fiancé Megan Fox and the two headed to Drake’s Super Bowl party.

The Singer Attended the Grammys with Fox Last Week

Kelly has kept in the headlines for quite some time now. Just last week, he made head turns when he attended the Grammys with Fox. The singer was nominated at the awards for Best Rock Album for his album Mainstream Sellout, marking his first Grammy nomination. However, he ended up losing to Ozzy Osbourne’s Patient Number 9.

Fox then took to social media to share how her fiancé handled the loss with ‘grace and maturity.’ She shared a series of photos from the event and wrote, “Congratulations on being in the very small percentage of artists who have received a Grammy nomination.”

“You have handled this process with a grace and maturity that I haven’t seen from you before and I’m so proud of you. Watching you walk in humility and gratitude, watching you grow into yourself and become a better man is an immeasurably more satisfying experience than watching you accept an award.”

“Although those will come… and this is irrelevant I guess but I will just never ever get over how beautiful your face is. I hope one day you’ll see yourself the way I see you. I love you and I’ll keep this memory of you forever,” she added.

Previously, Megan and Kelly attended the Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Gala together at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. At the time, the 36 year old actress was seen wearing a wrist brace as she revealed suffering a ‘broken wrist and concussion’.

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