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Keith Nale, Two-Time ‘Survivor’ Contestant Dies at 62 After Battling Cancer

Keith Nale is no longer with us. The Survivor: San Juan del Sur contestant passed away at the age of 62. The sad news of his demise was confirmed by his son Wes to the media outlet E! Online.

Nale was well-known for being a part of two seasons of SurvivorSurvivor: San Juan del Sur and Survivor: Cambodia. Read on further to know the cause behind the demise of Keith Nale.

Two-Time ‘Survivor’ contestant Keith Nale passes away at 62

Keith Nale was a firefighter who was originally from Louisiana. On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, his son Wes shared that he took his last breaths that afternoon in Shreveport, Louisiana. Nale died after a battle with cancer for the last couple of months. At the time of his passing, he was 62 years old.

As per E! Online, Nale’s son Wes who also appeared in Survivor: San Juan del Sur, said, “He passed away this afternoon. He’d been battling cancer for the past few months and we found out about it in January.”

His brother Kevin told the media outlet, “A life taken way too soon.” He continued, “It happed so quickly. Cancer ate him up. He Passed this afternoon at his home in Shreveport, Louisiana.”

Back in the day, Wes was a contestant on the show Survivor: San Juan del Sur along with his dad in the year 2014. His father Keith participated in two seasons of SurvivorSurvivor: San Juan del Sur and Survivor: Cambodia, which saw the light of day in 2015.

Keith Nale finished fourth on “Survivor”

During his time on the show, Nale was never a core member of a long-term alliance, although he did make it all the way to the final four thanks to his skill in Immunity Challenges. He got eliminated one day before the Final Tribal Council in his initial appearance.

Keith ended up becoming a fan-favorite before returning for Survivor: Cambodia. He played a strategic game and then, switched alliances. At that point in time, Jeremy progressed in the show until Wentworth won immunity and he was sent home for a second time. Right from the start of the show Survivor: San Juan del Sur, Nale was seen as an underdog. Natalie Anderson went on to win that season.

In an interview with UpRoxx, Nale spoke about his fourth-place exit from Survivor: San Juan del Sur and he said, “You”re so close you can see it, you know what I mean. I want to say, ‘Well heck, I’d rather come in 10th than fourth or I’d rather come in 15th than fourth,’ but not really. You just feel like that at the moment.”

Keith also spilled the beans on competing on the show in the 50s. At that time, he talked about his firefighter buddies and he said, “They were impressed, being I was 53. Now granted that’s not 93, but that’s not 23 either.”

He further added, “And I said man, they were impressed with some of the challenges. They said, “Man I couldn”t have hung on that pole for an hour and a half.” They were all behind me, a great bunch of guys. They wanted me to win it and, you know, bring it home to Louisiana.”

Nale continued, “But that just didn”t happen. But hey, I”ve got a bunch of texts last night and they did. They said, “Fourth place was great,” but you”re so close you can see it, you know what I mean. I want to say, “Well heck, I”d rather come in tenth than fourth or I”d rather come in fifteenth than fourth,” but not really. You just feel like that at the moment.”

How did the celebs react to the demise of Keith Nale?

As soon as the unfortunate news of Keith Nale’s death came out, several members of the show Survivor took to various social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to share tributary messages. Nale was a fan favorite who managed to win the hearts of the fans.

Former Survivor: San Juan del Sur co-star Kelley Wentworth paid a tribute to Keith on the social media platform Twitter. She posted a video of Nale driving across the beach. She tweeted, “Keith – a man with the purest heart, who brought humor into moments where it was needed most.”

Kelley went on to say, “I’m grateful I had the opportunity to meet Keith & share memories together on the beaches of Nicaragua & Cambodia. My heart is with the entire Nale family. This is a devastating loss.”

Mike Bloom shared, “#Survivor needed Keith Nale. Someone who was wholeheartedly himself, whether it be getting spooked by idols, taking up a side hustle driving “to-to’s,” or remindingus the fun of cruises. RIP to a character who gave us 75 days of entertainment.”
Jonny Fairplay penned, “My heart goes out to Dana & Wes. Rest in Peace Keith Nale You made me laugh so many times. You will be so missed.”

Jeremy Collins, Nale’s other co-star on the series who ended up winning the show tweeted, “My condolences to the Big D, Wes, Austin and entire Nale family. You will be missed Keith but your legacy will live on. Rest in power my firefighter/survivor brother.”

One social media user penned, “rest in the sweetest peace, Keith Nale thank you for all the smiles, all the laughs, and all the amazing #Survivor memories we got to share with you.” 

A user chimed in, “Our Survivor family lost another Survivor today. Two years to the day after losing our sweet Sunday Burquist, we now say goodbye to Keith Nale, who passed away this afternoon from cancer. Such a heartbreaking loss! I hate cancer.”

Followed by a third fan who wrote, “I am absolutely heartbroken to hear the news of Keith Nale‘s passing. Keith was a fantastic #Survivor character and a wonderful person. Rest in Peace Keith.”

Our love and prayers go out to the near and dear ones of the Survivor star Keith Nale during this tragic time. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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