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Jamaica to Start Removal of Queen Elizabeth II as its Head of State

Jamaica, a Caribbean Sea Island country, will start the official process of removing Queen Elizabeth II as its Head of State according to sources in the Jamaican government. Prince William and Kate Middleton are on a royal tour of the Caribbean to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee event.

The movement to remove Queen as the head of state of Jamaica is reportedly gaining momentum in different parts of the country as Prince William and Duchess Kate wrap up their final engagements and are scheduled to leave the country this week.

Queen Elizabeth II still remains the reigning monarch of not just the United Kingdom but also eight other countries namely Tuvalu, Solomon Islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Papua New Guinea, Antigua, and Barbuda, and The Bahamas.

Jamaica to drop Queen as Head of State after William and Kate’s tour

As the nation is all set to celebrate 60th Independence Day on 6th August 2022, according to sources in the Parliament of Jamaica, the government has begun the process of becoming a republic aiming to complete it before 6th August.

A coalition of around 100 politicians, business leaders, academicians, and doctors have signed an open letter to the couple, wishing the couple to tender an apology on behalf of the royal family for their atrocities and role in the slave trade.

While many Jamaican people have demanded not only financial reparations but also a formal apology from the monarch.

Open letter from the Jamaican leaders

Jamaican leaders in their open letter said, “We are of the view that an apology for British crimes against humanity, including but not limited to, the exploitation of the indigenous people of Jamaica, the transatlantic trafficking of Africans, the enslavement of Africans, indentureship and colonialization, is necessary to begin a process of healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, and compensation”.

The letter read further, “We encourage you to act accordingly and just ‘sey yuh sorry!’ Boldly lead a youthful generation in the hope that it is possible to create a future where: the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned … and where basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race.”

Beenie Man, Grammy Award-winning dancehall star told a news publication that many young Jamaicans are now waiting eagerly for change.

He said, “Jamaicans don’t want the queen, me can tell you that. … If Harry [was coming], people would react different. People would go and meet Harry. But William, nobody wants to see that.”

Many Jamaicans have turned up at the British High Commission in St Andrew on 22nd March to protest the Royal visit of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The latest country to sever its ties with the monarch was Barbados, which became a republic last year on 29th Nov 2021 during an official ceremony graced by the presence of Prince Charles and Rihanna.

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