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FBI Arrests Myrtle Beach Safari Owner Doc Antle, ‘Tiger King’ Star Booked in South Carolina Jail

Activists are applauding the latest arrest made by the FBI. Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, who was featured on the first season of Netflix’s Tiger King, was arrested yesterday by the FBI, according to multiple reports. The reasons for his arrest in Horry County, South Carolina were not disclosed. Read on to learn more about his previous charges.

Possible Money Laundering-Related Charges…

Doc Antle, who was a magician before he founded his first private zoo, now owns and runs Myrtle Beach Safari which features big cats and other endangered species. Antle, 62, was jailed in a North Myrtle Beach detention centre around 5:40 p.m. on June 3, and no charges against him were listed.

However, several sources confirm that the arrest has been made concerning money laundering charges. Doc Antle, who was featured on the first season of Tiger King, owns Myrtle Beach Safari. Netflix’s follow-up documentary series “Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story” alleged that Antle had sex with minors, abused women and defrauded a wildlife charity.

Nevertheless, activists applauded his arrest as in recent years, Antle was charged with multiple felonies for trafficking and abusing exotic animals. Marty Irby, executive director of Animal Wellness Action stated, “We applaud the Dept. of Justice and FBI for arresting Bhagavan ‘Doc’ Antle, a longtime scoundrel engaged in the egregious and inhumane trade of dangerous big cats.”

He added, “Irresponsible breeding, inhumane living conditions, and public exploitation is a serious problem in the U.S., and caging these wild animals also presents a threat to human health and safety.”

More About Doc Antle

Mahamayavi Bhagavan Antle, also known as Kevin Antle or Doc Antle, is an American animal trainer and private zoo operator. Antle began raising dogs in his youth and started operating a private zoo in 1983. Antle has worked as an animal trainer for films including Ace Ventura and Dr Doolittle in addition to appearing as a guest on several television shows.

The man who gained fame from his expertise in big cats and other endangered species has a dark side. He accusations of animal cruelty throughout his career. In October 2020, Antle was charged with two felony counts related to wildlife trafficking and 13 additional misdemeanours after an investigation by the Attorney General of Virginia.

Antle also faced public allegations of inappropriate relationships with minors at the private Buckingham County, Virginia zoo, and of operating a cult at the Myrtle Beach Safari location, claims that Antle denies.

The zookeeper was hired as an animal expert on films like Dr Dolittle and provided animals for movies such as Mighty Joe YoungThe Jungle Book and The Jungle Book 2. Antle is also credited as a “principle animal trainer” in the Ace Ventura films. Even though his arrest is related to money-laundering charges, it comes as a relief for activists who’ve been trying to bust him. What do you think?

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