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Elderly Couple Brutally Thrashed Leaving Elton John’s Concert in Los Angeles

An elderly couple was brutally attacked during Elton John’s concert in Los Angeles last week. The couple in their 60s was leaving the parking lot of the venue when they were thrashed by a group of unidentified people.

Some videos of the incident are now going viral on social media, with people demanding the arrest of the assailants. The victims suffered some bad injuries but are out of danger now. Read on to know more about the incident.

Elderly Couple Attacked Leaving Elton John Concert in LA

The husband and wife, identified as Jamie and Lillian, had gone to the British singer’s concert at the Dodger stadium by themselves on Thursday night last week. While leaving the parking lot of the venue, a woman allegedly punched the side view mirror of their car. Jamie then got out to seek an explanation, but the woman tried to swing at him.

Two men then started screaming and mobbing the old man. Jamie’s wife came out of the car to save her husband but was pushed to the ground by some men of the assailant group. The attackers then tried to walk away from the scene, but a man taped them, who was then attacked by one of the assailants himself.

The Old Man had to be Hospitalized after the Attack

After the attack, the couple helped themselves back to their car and waited for the emergency services, which allegedly took too long to arrive. The old woman then felt somewhat fine to drive them both to the hospital, where the man had to be admitted for a few days.

The couple reportedly got head injuries, with the man also claiming that he got injuries to his eye, ear, and back and a broken ankle. The couple’s children also took to social media to share that their father had suffered fractures.

The children now demand justice for their parents, who, they say, could have been easily killed by the group of six people in the parking lot. They also asked for public support to identify the suspects responsible for the act and filed a complaint with the police.

Jamie now says that he does not want the attackers to hurt anyone else as they did to him. “They walked around like ‘you know, OK, we’re King Kong, we can get away with it.’ Nah, you don’t get away with this sh*t,” he told the media.

LAPD is Investigating the Case

The officials at the Dodger Stadium have said in a statement: “The incident is under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. Therefore, it would not be appropriate for us to comment at this time.”

No arrests have been made at the time of writing. The LAPD has now said that the incident occurred due to a minor altercation between two different parties that went violent. The officials say that ‘two unknown suspects attacked the two victims, which included punching, choking and hair pulling. The LAPD is looking for the perpetrators.’

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