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Chris Brown Throws Fan’s Phone into Crowd During Berlin Concert, Watch Video

Chris Brown shocked the audience by throwing a fan’s phone into the crowd during his recent concert in Berlin. The female fan was called onstage by the singer and was given a surprise lap dance, after which he grabbed her mobile and hurled it into the audience.

The video of the incident is now doing the rounds on social media. Brown is currently on his Under The Influence tour in Europe, where he is set to perform in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, and France.

Chris Brown Throws Fan’s Phone into Crowd During Berlin Concert

The incident took place on Wednesday during the 33 year old singer’s CB concert in Berlin. Brown was performing his song Take You Down when he called a female audience member on stage and made her sit on a chair. He then started dancing around and even performed a seductive lap dance.

The woman, however, seemed more interested in her phone and kept using it. Brown then grabbed it from her hand and placed it on her lap, and continued with his dance. After some time, the woman picked the phone up again and started to use it. At this point, a furious Chris took the phone and hurled it into the crowd.

The woman was shocked by the incident, and so was the audience. Thankfully, she is reported to have gotten her phone back at the end of the night. Brown then took to Instagram to share the development with his followers and wrote in his stories: “Shawty got her phone back too..[laugh emoji]”

Fans have Mixed Reactions to the Incident

Fans are now having mixed reactions to the incident. While some have sided with the singer, saying that the woman was disrespectful towards his performance, others have expressed disappointment over Brown’s actions.

“The full video shows where he politely took her phn out of her hand & put it down in her lap the first time. After that she picked it up & started recording again lol. That’s rude! She got it back y’all calm down & it didn’t hit nobody,” wrote a fan.

Another replied, “icl i don’t support chris brown’s shenanigans but his job requires a lot of physical training and effort to put on a show for that long so i’d be pretty pissed too.” While a third one wrote, “it is impossible to defend Chris brown he just keeps doing stuff.”

Brown Recently Made News for Made News for Lashing Out at his Haters

The singer was in the news last week when he lashed out at people who still brought up the topic of his 2009 assault on former girlfriend Rihanna. He posted a long message on Instagram addressing the issue and wrote, “If yall still hate me for a mistake I made as a 17 year old please kiss my whole entire a**!”

“I’m f****** 33! I’m so tired of yall running wit this narrative… You weird a** n***** are the same ones that tune in every week to see Blueface and Chrisean beat the f*** out each other in front the world. But thats OK? It’s entertainment? All yall can suck my d*** disrespectfully,” he continued.

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