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Bam Margera Turns Himself In Following Arrest Warrant, Bail Set At $50K “Unsecured”

“Jackass” star, against whom Pennsylvania police issued an arrest warrant earlier this week. Margera, who is facing multiple legal issues, finally surrendered himself to the authorities in Avondale and was arraigned in a district court. Margera pled “not guilty” to the six counts of criminal charges he’s facing.

Bam Margera’s Bail Set For $50k “Unsecured”

“Jackass” star Bam Margera turned himself in to Pennsylvania State Police after the agency issued an arrest warrant for him earlier this week. He surrender in Avondale and was arraigned by Judge Albert in a district court and his bail was set at $50,000 “unsecured”.

In a statement, Margera’s lawyer Michael van der Veen stated that his client pled not guilty. “Families have disputes all the time. Every family has disputes. This isn’t a dispute that should play out in the courts or the media,” van der Veen revealed. The reality star has a hearing set for May 25 in Chester County.

Per court documents, Bam Margera is facing six different charges, including one count of simple assault, one count of harassment, and four counts of terroristic threats with the intention to terrorize the other person.

Why Was The Arrest Warrant Issued?

The “Jackass” alum allegedly punched his brother, Jesse Margera in the face during an altercation at their home in the Philadelphia suburbs. While announcing criminal charges, the Pennsylvania State Police revealed that they were looking for Bam.

The court documents state that police were called to the Chester County home after a domestic disturbance was reported shortly before 11 a.m. Margera’s brother, Jesse, narrated that Bam Margera “pounded and kicked his locker bedroom door, and punched him in the eye, nose and ear”.

Bam, on the other hand, fled the property on foot through dense woods before the police could arrest him. Now, the troubled reality star has surrendered himself, and his bail is set at $50,000 “unsecured”.

This is not the first time that Bam Bam Margera is facing legal trouble. After facing legal action from his wife, Nicole Boyd, the television personality was arrested in March after allegedly making a scene at a restaurant where his estranged wife and son were eating.

Police stated that Bam Margera was drunk in public, and had a massive argument with a woman. He was arrested after getting drunk in public and indulging in an argument with a woman. Thereafter, Bam Margera was arrested and booked for misdemeanor public intoxication.

From a series of legal issues and arrests to constant rehab visits, Margera has remained a troubled man. A few months back, his “Jackass” co-star Steve-O stated that he was afraid Bam is going to die due to his substance abuse.

He wrote in a since-deleted Instagram comment that Bam got “loaded” in one of his comedy shows. He also mentioned how he has been braced for the news” of Bam’s untimely death. As for the present matter, Bam’s court hearing is scheduled for May 25, 2023.

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