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Bam Margera Placed on 5150 Hold After Being Located by Cops in Los Angeles

After being reported missing for a day, Bam Margera has been located by the police in Los Angeles and is placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold due to his erratic behavior. As per reports, the 43-year-old professional skateboarder was acting weird and was slurring his speech when the cops found him.

The news comes when Margera has been embroiled in a very ugly public battle with his estranged wife over the custody of their 5-year-old son. The former Jackass star even threatened to commit suicide last week if he did not get to see his son. Read on to know more about the development.

Bam Margera Placed on 5150 Hold in Los Angeles

Margera was located by the Los Angeles Police Department at Trejo’s Tacos on Sunday afternoon. After observing his erratic behavior, the cops decided to call for a psychiatric evaluation team. The team eventually placed the former reality star on a 5150 psychiatric hold in a mental health facility.

As per the law in California, code 5150 establishes that a person suffering from a mental health disorder is behaving irrationally and could be a threat to his own or anyone else’s safety. The person is then kept in a mental health facility for 72 hours for psychiatric assessment and crisis intervention.

It is not yet known if Margera is still in the facility. After being examined by experts, he could be released within 72 hours. However, if the patient continues to behave erratically, the hold can be extended to 14 days, activating code 5250.

Bam’s Brother Jess Reported Him Missing on June 4th

Bam was first reported missing on June 4 by his brother Jess, who tweeted an appeal to the public to help him locate the stunt performer. “If anyone in the LA area knows of bams current whereabouts or a hotel he might be at please call the LAPD immediately,” Jess wrote.

“I am trying to get them to ping his phone but as usual it’s a whole huge process and I don’t think we have that kind of time. If you guys could all retweet this that would be really cool of you. Thanks for your help,” he added.

By nightfall, he announced that his brother had been located and was safe. “They found him safe. he texted me and my parents at 6 am this morning saying he loves us he loves Phoenix and he is at peace. and that he took enough pills to stop his heart. And some really heartbreaking dark s–t.” Jess tweeted.

The Reality Star has Faced Several Troubles in the Recent Past

The last few months have been particularly hard for Bam. Apart from his battle with addiction and frequent visits to rehab, he is also undergoing a messy divorce with his estranged wife Nicole Boyd. The two are stuck in a legal battle for the custody of their son Phoenix.

Boyd filed for divorce in February this year. A month later, Bam was arrested for domestic violence for allegedly kicking his girlfriend. Then a few days later, he was again detained for public intoxication in LA.

On June 1st, Bam sparked concern when he wrote on social media that he would ‘smoke crack until he dies’ if he does not get to meet his son. “I haven’t seen Phoenix in two f–king months. I have to wake up every day, knowing that I probably won’t get to talk to him or see him,” he added.

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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