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Amber Heard Testimony: Amber Says Johnny Depp Sexually Assaulted her with a Liquor Bottle

The much-awaited Amber Heard’s testimony which was scheduled to take place on Monday, happened yesterday. The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard is in its fourth week, and Amber has made some strong allegations. Read on to know all about her testimony.

Amber Gives “Performance of her Life”

If this case was a movie, Amber Heard would have won an Oscar nomination for this performance. Now I do not say this because I am being an anti-feminist or a hard-core Johnny Depp fan.

As a lawyer, I am considering the evidence, facts and previous testimonies. However, Twitter users are convinced that she is quoting lines from movies and books. Netizens are even comparing her with Rihanna proving what an actual abuse looks like. Read below about what Amber testified.

Amber Heard finally took to the stand in the Fairfax County Courtroom and broke down by saying that her ex-husband Johnny Depp sexually assaulted her and threatened to “carve up” her face with a broken bottle during a heated argument one month after their 2015 marriage.

In her Testimony, the “Aquaman” actress alleged that the aforementioned assault took place in March 2015 in Australia when the two were living at their rented home while Depp was filming for “Pirates of the Caribbean 5”.

Amber’s testimony includes moulded facts about the incident which took place with Depp. He previously testified that Amber severed his finger. Johnny claimed that Heard threw a liquor bottle at home which severed it. Heard stated in her testimony that she did not even see Depp’s fingertip being cut off.

Amber sobbed and said, “At some point he’s on top of me, screaming I f**king hate you, you ruined my f**king life. ‘I’m on the countertop, he had me by the neck and was on top of me.”

She added, “I’m looking in his eyes and I don’t see him anymore. It wasn’t him, it was black. I haven’t been so scared in my life. He was looking at me. I was trying to get through to him, to say in some way it was me. Trying to get through to Johnny.”

Amber also testified that Johnny bashed her head against the back of the bar and she couldn’t breathe. She revealed that she tried to get up to tell Johnny that she couldn’t breathe, but she failed to do so.

Amber testified further, “Next thing I remember I was bent over backwards on the bar, I was staring at the blue light. My back was on the countertop. I thought he was punching me. I felt this pressure on my pubic bone and I could feel his arms moving. It looked like he was punching me. I could just feel this pressure.”

“I don’t remember what I said, I just remember being still, not wanting to move. I remember looking around the room, looking at all the broken bottles, and broken glass and I remember not wanting to move because I didn’t know if it was broken, I didn’t know if the bottle that he had inside me was broken. I couldn’t feel it, I didn’t feel pain, I didn’t feel anything.”

Amber did not stop here. She hit the 58-year-old star with constant allegations of abuse and said, “I saw so much broken glass I didn’t know if he would know if it was broken or not and I remember thinking please go I hope it’s not broken. I don’t know how that ended. I don’t know how I got off the countertop.” Amber did learn the script by heart.

Amber said, “I just remember being in the bathroom. I remember retching, the sound my voice was making. I lost control of my bladder. I remember just retching, there was blood on the floor.”

Amber Heard also mentioned the incident where she hit him. She called it the first incident of violence against Depp. It was the time when Depp hit her in the face and threatened her sister when she confronted him.

Amber said, “Johnny swings at her, and I don’t even wait. I swung at him. In all of my relationships to date with Johnny, I hadn’t landed a blow. And I, for the first time, hit him. Actually hit him, square in the face.”

Not only this, but Amber also testified that Johnny accused her of sleeping with Eddie Redmayne during the filming of “The Danish Girl”. Head said that Depp took 8-10 MDMA pills, and continued to abuse her for cheating on him. You can watch her full testimony below.

Johnny’s Legal Team Responds

Depp’s team claimed the actress’ tales of abuse have evolved with ‘new and convenient details’.  The legal team has labelled Amber’s testimony the ‘performance of her life.’ Depp’s attorney plans on exposing her lies on cross-examination.

Previously, Psychologist Dr Shannon Curry took the stand and testified that she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder. Depp too has given a 4-day-long testimony against Amber Heard.

Depp’s testimony regarding his $50 million defamation trial against his ex-wife included texts and communication, his struggle with an abusive mother, drugs and alcohol and a lot more. He also narrated an incident wherein Amber severed the tip of Depp’s finger. He said:

“I would excuse myself from the situation. I would try to get away so that nothing escalated because if given the chance to allow things to escalate, Ms Heard would take it to the very extreme, which ended up with my finger being chopped off.”

The jurors have seen a text message Depp sent to his friend Paul Bettany shortly after the flight wherein he promised to get over because the flight got “ugly”. Amber also said that they got back together because Depp promised to get sober and also played a recording at the end wherein Depp is howling and babbling incoherently.

Amber’s version is entirely different from Johnny’s testimony and contradicts the evidence his team produced in the court. The legal battle is getting heated up. Amber’s testimony will resume on May 16 after a court break. The jury is considering the messages sent by Depp to What do you think about Amber’s allegations? Is there some truth in it?

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


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