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TikTok Star Charli D’Amelio Gets Another Tattoo, Reminder That You Only Live Once

It was long back when TikTok star Charli D’Amelio added seven micro tattoos on her body. And now, she went for another one, which reminds us all that we only live one. In her recent Instagram post, Charli revealed that she has added some new ink to her feet. Read on to learn more about it.

Live! Laugh! Love! YOLO…

In case you have forgotten that life only comes once, Charli D’Amelio’s new tattoos are serving as a visual reminder for her fans. The 18-year-old TikTok star, who is known for the several inks on her body, added another lively tattoo. In an Instagram post, Thursday (July 22), Charli shared a slideshow of different, unrelated recent snapshots.

However, the first photo in the carousel revealed her getting some fresh ink on the sides of her foot. After a few slides, Charli revealed the end result of the work, which included “Yolo” written on the side of her left foot and “Live Laugh Love” written on the side of her right foot. To emphasise the new tattoos, she captioned the post: “live laugh love lol.”

It’s unclear if her tattoos mean “some sort of tongue-in-cheek retro-irony”, but yea, one thing is sure, she loves to live her life to the fullest, come what may! And yea, the social media celebrity seems to be following her foot tattoo’s advice, as she continues to live her life with a lot of love and laughter amid her budding romance with Landon Barker.

Fans immediately took to Instagram to share their thoughts about her new tattoo. Her showbiz friend Avani wrote, “we are living laughing and loving 🙏🏽.” Chase Keith wrote, “arbelious.” One fan wrote, “the last photo gets me every time.”

Another fan wrote, “Everyone who reads this message will no longer be alone😋.” A fan wondered about the count of her body tattoos by asking, “How many tattoos do you have now😭.” At the time of writing, her Instagram post had receievd more than 1M likes.

Charli’s Previous Tattoos…

In a video posted in May, Charli D’Amelio showed off several micro designs that she appears to have braved all in one sitting, based on her caption, “tattoo day.” For instance, the smallest tattoos include an “@” symbol on her middle finger while the word “smile” on the outside of her index finger. She also added the word “breathe” to her left index finger as a gentle reminder.

Amongst her other tattoos, she has a Taurus symbol tattooed near her elbow, the word “rebel” inked on her arm, and a small bird tattooed on her other arm — among others. Well, she wasn’t alone during her long tattoo sesh. Olivia Rodrigo and her showbiz friends actress Iris Apatow and Avani Greg also accompanied to get their fingers tattooed.

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