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Take A Look Inside Kardashian-Jenner Family Lavish Christmas Party

The annual Christmas Eve party for the Kardashians and Jenners on December 24 at Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s Calabasas house hosted the event.

By sharing their stories with their Instagram and TikTok followers, the sisters were able to give their fans an insight into what it is like from inside the house.

Christmas Was Celebrated In Style By The Kardashian-Jenner Family

On Saturday night, the Kardashian-Jenner family celebrated the holiday season with an extravagant blow-out bash involving festive decorations, endless treats, and an intimate performance by Grammy-nominated artist Sia.

Kourtney did not spare any expense when decorating her house with holiday-themed decorations, treats, and attractions for adults and children. As a result, the whole family had a blast at the big party held at her home on XMAS Eve.

There were a lot of items on display during the party, including a stunning dessert spread, a ball pit with balloons hanging from the ceiling, cozy lodge-like seating and decor, a red-pink Christmas tree, as well as a fantastic performance by Sia, including the Kardashians’ older sister Kim and their half-sister Kylie Jenner.

As well as the indoor decorations, followers also got a glimpse of the outdoor decorations, which included twinkling lights, decorative rain deer, more red-pink trees, and a candy cart containing See’s Candies.

A Christmas Fairytale-Like Party Took Place At The House

There were so many Christmas decorations around the house. It looked like something straight out of a fairy tale or more of a Winter Wonderland, if you will. There were dozens of large fir trees throughout the grounds, some of which looked like different shades of red and some fully decorated with lights.

North West was also in the mood to croon, which she accomplished. The KarJenners hired Sia to sing some tunes for everyone during the event, and she was also in the mood for some crooning.

Whether many people attended this event is unknown, but from all the videos they posted, it seemed packed with people. All the sisters enjoy themselves while holding a drink or two in their hands, and it is the same for all the little ones, as they are all having a ball with a drink or two in their hands.

Wearing Different Colors, The Sisters Blew The Party Away

The opulent evening was attended by Kim Kardashian, who wore a sparkling silver gown that showcased her shoulders at the event. A few months ago, Skims founder, 42, sported bleach-blonde hair, but now she’s back to her long brown locks after years of rocking a bleach-blonde look. The reality star posted several videos to TikTok with her daughter North, who was dressed in a metallic shirt and pants set that sparkled with metallic details.


A strapless red gown was Khloé Kardashian’s look as she strutted down the red carpet at the 2016 Emmy Awards. She was accessorized with a sparkling Santa Claus purse by Judith Leiber, and she completed her look with a necklace adorned with brilliant diamonds.

A sneak peek at Khloé, 38,’s Instagram Story shows how excited she is for the party she is attending and that she arrived early because she cannot wait to get started with her party and was overjoyed to be there. In the video, she is seen dancing around the house with her four-year-old daughter, True, who has a cute little red bow in her hair as she dances around the house.

Another red gown was worn by Kendall Jenner and was embellished with sequins. A slice of orange was garnished with a glass of tequila, perhaps her own 818, as the model, 27 years old, sipped from it.


The 43-year-old Kourtney Kardashian, however, went for an all-white gown this year, which was filled with plenty of tulle and made her look like she was wearing her wedding dress.

Kylie wore a pair of beige gowns from fashion label Mugler that were trimmed with black laces and sequins and paired with her 4-year-old daughter Stormi. The event was attended by Stormi’s dad, Travis Scott, although it is unknown if he was present.

There was no mention of Kris Jenner in any of Khloé’s social media snaps, and it’s unclear whether she attended the celebrations. She did, however, mention that she wore her Santa purse “in honor of my mommy,” leading some fans to believe she could not attend.

The Kardashians have thrown some pretty fabulous parties throughout the years, but this one might be the pinnacle of their efforts in what appears to be an eventful year for them. Another 365 days have gone by for the Krew now, and we can move on to the next 365 days. So, what do you all think about this lavish party? Feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

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