5 Most Fashionable Bollywood Actors of the New Generation

Fashion is not just about having the right stylists dress you, it’s your personality, your attitude, and how you carry yourself. Keeping up with fashion trends, making statements with your attire and proper grooming goes a long way in cultivating the perfect image for actors/actress in the public eye. Your clothing and how you present yourself says a lot about you.

Not everyone has that special X-factor to be a fashion icon but this new generation of male stars are all about perfecting their grooming skills and their image. The new generation of Bollywood actors take fashion to the next level and they are killing the game.

Fashionable Bollywood Actors of the New Generation

1. Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan wins over all the ladies with his a-dork-able attitude, his bashful smile and his sweet dance moves. This young star is super fashionable, whether he’s taking on the desi boy look or just casually hanging out with friends SnapChatting his life away, he always looks amazing.

#badrinathkidulhania @thetyagiakshay. Wearing @shiraz3180 #mangopeople. 4 days to go

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Dhawan’s style is fun and very laid back—he’s never too formal or professional. His style is very youthful and it’s usually nothing too far out there. His approach to fashion makes him look very attainable and relatable to his fans. He always rocks looks that anyone can pull off—but it looks so much better on him!

Lemme serve you a cup of whoop ass

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He blends traditional looks with modern touches and definitely takes a few fashion risks when necessary. You won’t see this cutie walking around in full tuxedo’s and suits on a regular, but when he does it’s magical.

All ready for the #hellohalloffame awards. #vintageglam. @the.vainglorious

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2. Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor is a gorgeous human, and honestly, he looks amazing no matter what he has on—or doesn’t have on actually. I prefer my Kapoor men to be shirtless as often as possible…


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However, Shahid does have a unique style, he’s very fashion forward and edgy compared to his peers. He’s so suave and classy in his attitude towards fashion. He is always playing around with hairstyles and facial hair for roles which he carries over to his real life fashion choices as well.

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Kapoor is not afraid to take risks and he is always changing up his style, he’s one of the few actors that really bring something different to the red carpets of award shows besides an all black on black suit.

The man is so stylish even his gym outfits and “airport looks” will have you drooling! His twist of sleek modern fashion with a hint of a gothic edge is stunning and a look that only he can pull off. He even makes traditional wear look so modern and edgy you’ll be itching to buy a new designer kurta.

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3. Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh’s fashion is as wacky and lovable as he is.

Sorry. Not sorry. #GQAwards

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Whether he is clean shaven or with a stubble or even a full beard, he still manages to look absolutely adorable. Over the years we’ve seen Singh’s fashion sense change however and he’s definitely matured into a more subtle and classier version of himself with his perfectly tailored suits.

Loving it in Lucerne ! 🇨🇭 #mylucerne @ilove_lucerne @myswitzerlandlive #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND

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The sexy daddy Warbucks look is definitely working for Ranveer. He still takes some fashion risks but he is seriously a walking fashion photo shoot. He always looks so beautiful!

Geek Chic on Fleek 👓

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4. Ranbir Kapoor

Fashion comes so easily to Ranbir Kapoor, his looks are always so effortless. He could be in T-shirt,  jeans, and converses, yet he is still the best looking guy in the room.


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He’s not as big a risk taker as his contemporaries in the industry but he holds his own standard of fashion and takes a more classic approach rather than an edgy fashion forward look like Shahid Kapoor. Ranbir always tries to remain classy and simple when it comes to fashion, he’s not taking whacky risks like Ranveer Singh either.

Have a good day all!

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But really, he’s so beautiful, does it even matter what he’s wearing?

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5. Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann Khurrana is another cutie with a keen eye for fashion. This multi-talented star can do it all, sing, act, and dance. It is no surprise that his fashion sense is just as amazing as his other talents.

Let’s jam! #MeriPyaariBindu (styled by lovely @ishabhansali)

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Khurrana is probably the calmest when it comes to his approach to fashion. He is all about comfort and is very laid back. While others are working to get ahead of the game, Khurrana is out here enjoying the moment. Khurrana is the type of guy who looks cool in everything he wears, even an all striped ensemble.

And he does love his asymmetrical outfits. Khurrana’s always rocking an oddly shaped shirt or jacket with a million zippers but he makes it look so cool.

Last night’s story. #umang

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