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Mark Ruffalo Celebrates National Pet Day by Sharing Cute Pics with His Cats

The Adam Project star Mark Ruffalo recently posted a few photos of his pets on the occasion of National Pet Day on social media. This year National Pet Day was celebrated on April 11, 2022 (Monday). Read the article further to see the adorable pics of his pets.

Mark Ruffalo drops a lovely post for his pets on Instagram

The 54-year-old actor shared a couple of pictures with his pets on the social media platform Instagram. We must say he has a great fan following on Instagram, Ruffalo has around  20.5 million followers on the video and image sharing platform.

“Couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the week than with these furry fellows”, he captioned the post. Mark also added the hashtag “#NationalPetDay” in the Instagram post.

In the first shot, we can see Ruffalo and his cat sleeping. It’s not the first time the Marvel actor has shared photos with his furry friends he has shared many pics and videos in the past as well. We must say that we cannot take our eyes off the photos.

When we swiped through, we witnessed a beautiful picture of two of his cats just chilling in the kitchen as we could see a sink in the photo as well. Then next in line was a black and white shot of one of his kitty cats.

How many cats does Mark Ruffalo have?

Combining Mark’s past and current cats, we have learned that has had a total of 5 cats. He seems like a cat person. The names of his cats are as follows: Inky, Biscotti, Felix, Magnus, and Hansel.

Which celebs shared photos with their furry friends on National Pet Day?

Along with Mark, many A-listers from Hollywood such as Ellen Pompeo, Jimmy Fallon, U.S President Joe Biden, and many more also dropped a couple of photos on various social media platforms.

Ellen Pompeo

The Grey’s Anatomy actress put up a heartfelt post on Instagram for her late dog, Gigi. “how could I not? We lost our queen Gigi this year on February 4th… exactly a year to the day that we lost her brother Valentino”, she captioned the post.

Ellen further added, “I tell this story not to be sad but to celebrate the mythical magical creatures that we are blessed with in this life. I highly recommend everyone to take this bad bitch energy Gigi has in this music video and crush Monday✨”

Jimmy Fallon

TV host Jimmy Fallon also dropped a sweet pic with his dog on Instagram.” Happy National Pet Day!! I can’t even imagine what life would’ve been without Gary. #NationalPetDay”, he captioned the post.

In the beautiful picture shared by Fallon, we can see him and his dog Gary cuddling up to one another. That seems like an adorable moment between the two of them.

During an interaction with People in 2017, Jimmy spilled the beans on his relationship with his pup. He said, “It’s companionship. It’s so much love. It’s unconditional love. I try to do everything with my dog.”

U.S President Joe Biden

The president of the United States Joe Biden also posted a few pictures of his 10-month-old German Shepherd, Commander. This year in January, Biden also welcomed another pet to his family. Willow, the cat joined the Biden family.

The caption of the Instagram post read, “Commander settled right in at the White House. It helps that he thinks he runs the place.”

Your pets deserve all the love in the world. So love them with your whole heart. Don’t forget to stay connected with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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