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Lele Pons Shares New Body-Positive Post that is Going Viral

You probably already know that social media and mass media has a certain level of influence over your purchase decisions, as well as your perception of beauty and body image.

Unfortunately, today’s generation is vulnerable to unrealistic expectations portrayed by the current demographics of these industries as social media continues to play a major role in our society.

For a long time, society dictated that blond hair, fair skin, blue eyes and shapely legs were the only things considered beautiful.

Victoria’s Secret angels, runway models, and TV ads have been perpetuating the message of perfection for decades. Social media has risen in recent years and it seems like this issue is just becoming even more prevalent.

Nevertheless, women are gradually starting to see through these images and are beginning to question if they’re putting themselves in harm’s way when they look to the social media influencers.

Speaking of social media influencers, Lele Pons is a Singer and also a social media celebrity.

She is one of the few influencing faces who keep it real on social media. Check out her latest post where she shares her insecurity about her body and embraces it. 

Lele Pons Exposing Herself with a picture showing Cellulitis

Lele Pons’s biggest strength is loving herself and comfortable being who she is. Her spirit of body positivity and make peace with yourself attitude is one of the biggest contributors to where she is today.

In a post shared recently, Lele Pons posted a couple of pictures that are sure to boost body positivity and normalising body issues among people. 

She shared the photo saying, “Embrace your Cellulite”. The influencer posted a series of photos where she can be seen in a swim suit showing off her natural body.

She speaks about her cellulite in the same photo that helped her gain over 1 million likes in three hours.

Cellulite is a skin condition that is more common for women than men to experience the condition known as cellulite, with over 80% of women at some point in their lifetime facing this problem. Men, on the other hand, might encounter it only 10% of the time.

She shared in the caption how she used to be insecure about her cellulite. She shared that she often used to hide it and edit them in the photos.

But she finally decided to unveil and embrace her natural body and refused to meet the stereotypical beauty standards. 

The post was highly appreciated by her fans and the comment section passed the vibe check in such as beautiful manner. 

Lele Pons: All About Self Love and Appreciation

This isn’t the first time that the social media star has been public about her body insecurities and physical changes, she’s previously shown fans her before & after pictures of her changing physique.

This is because in 2020 she published a snapshot in which she showed her results after maintaining a strict exercise and eating routine for two months.

The Venezuelan singer has published a fat redistribution photo to show the changes in her body.

Embracing your true self is what matters as the popular star with over 48 million followers intends to show. 

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