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Kylie Jenner Reveals her ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ Halloween Costume 2022

A few days before Halloween’s official holiday for this year, Kylie Jenner unveiled her monster-inspired costume that embodied the season’s spirit.

According to the reality star’s Instagram account, the image was posted on Friday, October 28, depicting her Halloween costume for 2022.

Taking Inspiration From The Bride Of Frankenstein Movie, She Styled Her Look

Celebrities have begun showing off their spooky costumes for the upcoming Halloweekend as part of Halloweekend. In another tribute to classic Hollywood horror, Kylie Jenner wore a bride-of-Frankenstein costume for her Halloween costume, channeling her inner Elsa Lanchester and paying homage to classic Hollywood horror.

Take a look at her costume here!

She could pull off the Frankenstein look by drawing stitches along her jawline and raising her eyebrows dramatically for her latest costume, which was completed with a body-hugging gown. With a vintage feel and a wash of washed colors, the 25-year-old captioned a series of pictures that stay true to the Halloween theme with a simple caption: “HAPPY HALLOWEEKEND.”.

A Couple Of Days Prior, She Had Dressed In The Costume Of The Wicked Witch From The Wizard Of Oz

After Hailey Bieber gave fans a sneak peek at Jenner wearing her wicked witch costume from The Wizard of Oz in a recent social media post, Jenner unleashed her Bride of Frankenstein costume on Instagram.

On October 12, 25-year-old Arizona native Kylie Jenner shared a picture of herself wearing a sexy black witch outfit and wearing green makeup but gave no context to the picture that showed her in green makeup.

While lying in a bathtub, she also held on to a skeleton in the picture. In the room, there was a cauldron, and a cauldron was adorned with decorations of bats, candles, and a candle that hung from the ceiling. Finally, the Kylie Skin entrepreneur posed for a selfie with Bieber in which both women appeared to be wearing green face makeup and seemed to be getting ready for Halloween.

Neither Justin Bieber nor Kylie Kylie has given any further details about what they are wearing. Still, there is speculation that it may be connected to Rhode founder Dan Rhode’s “Who’s In My Bathroom” YouTube series.

As far as Halloween outfits are concerned, the Life of Kylie actress, for her part, hasn’t been shy about pulling off over-the-top looks. For example, during her Halloween costume in 2019, she dressed as a “grown-up” Little Mermaid, and two years later, she did the same with a look similar to that of Red Power Ranger.

In 2021, Jenner Kept Things Low-Key When It Came To Halloween

For Halloween in 2021, Jenner kept it low-key in an interview with the Associated Press, explaining that she was in motherhood mode for the night’s festivities. However, on a family outing with her boyfriend, Travis Scott, and Stormi, she wore a black jumpsuit paired with a leather trench coat, combat boots, black cat ears, and cat makeup, keeping her cat-like look.

It is no secret that Kyle Jenner is known for her Halloween costumes every year. In all the looks she takes on Halloweens, fans like every one of them, whether it’s an angel look or a monster look. So, among the Halloween looks Kyle has worn throughout the years, which one is your favorite? Leave us a comment if you have anything to share.

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