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KSI and Logan Paul Go Bald To Promote Their Drink ‘Prime’

Recently, Logan Paul and KSI went bald for a company named Prime. The duo is the face of the drink Prime Hydration and has come together to sell the brand. Read on to learn more about their decision to go bald.

 Logan posted the bald photos of the duo on Instagram

American YouTuber Logan Paul and KSI went bald for the promotion of Prime Hydration. In a promotional video for the company, the pair adorned bald caps over their heads to make it look like they have gone bald for real.

“we went bald for prime @ksi new YT video, link in bio”, Paul captioned the post on Instagram.

Apart from being associated with the drink, Paul is also the co-founder of Liquid Market Place. It is a platform that facilitates the co-ownership of high-valued collectibles.

Why did Paul think it was a great idea to go bald to advertise a product?

In the video posted on YouTube, Logan gave reasoning for going bald. He said, “All right bro, so I’ve been thinking. I think we take Prime to the next level. Think about this, what do the most successful people in the world have in common?”

KSI asked whether it was some kind of dedication to which Paul replied, “No bro, think about like Jeff Bezos, think about like Michael Jordan, Dr. Phil, these type of people, what do they have in common? To me, it’s so obvious.”

On the other hand, KSI seemed to be pretty confused and he was not able to understand the thought process of Paul behind going bald. Then, the scene in the video changes to the pair driving around the city in a car in their bald caps, flaunting their bald faces on the side of the truck.

Logan Paul has warned Floyd Mayweather that he promises to take him to court

Paul has stated that Floyd has still not paid him for their exhibition fight that took place in June of 2021. ‘The Maverick’ went against ‘Money’ at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami in an eight-round exhibition fight.

Mayweather’s company, Mayweather Promotions organized the whole event. During a recent interaction with TMZ, Paul spilled the beans on how he plans to take Floyd to the court.

The 27-year-old said, “No he has not paid me in full that is a fact. I’m short a few million. Nah, we’re taking this to the court. Do I look serious lady? Really? Nah I’m f***ing with you. I’m not f***ing with you, yeah we’re taking him to court. See you in the courtroom, congrats you’re going to prison Floyd.”

Paul was spotted out and about in public as he attended the grand opening of the Hard Rock Hotel in New York City when a reporter from TMZ interviewed him.

Do you think ‘The Maverick’ will take Floyd Mayweather to the court? Kindly let us know what you think in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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