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How to Remove Makeup Without Wipes?

Well, who doesn’t love parties, weddings, or any other special occasions which give us an opportunity to be decked up like a doll!

Apart from our dressing what we ladies are really concerned are is our makeup. Be it light or heavy, but usually, we would love to give that touch of makeup to make us look a little more glamorous.

However, when it comes to removing that makeup, we usually ignore it causing damage to our skin. So, make sure you remove the junk of makeup from your face after returning from your party. And just in case, you do not have makeup removal wipes at hand, do not worry. We have other effective alternatives for you.

Today, we are going to discuss few effective and simple tricks using which you can get rid of your make-up without using wipes or any other makeup removal products. Read on!

Why is it important to remove Make-up?

Ironically, almost everyone spends a lot of time putting on makeup on their face to adorn that gorgeous look but when it comes to removing it, very few are actually bothered. Of course, the reason for this can be returning home late from the party or getting tired by the time you return.

However, this small negligence of yours might land up your skin in a big mess in the long run. It is much needed for you to clean your makeup before you go to bed if you want to have healthy skin. Not doing so might expose your skin to the chemicals present in the cosmetics causing damage to your skin.

Natural ways to remove Makeup

As such, next time you apply makeup, do not skip removing it. One more important thing is to use natural products for removing your makeup as your skin has already been exposed to the chemicals present in your makeup.

So, try to avoid cleaning your makeup with commercial makeup removal wipes and other makeup removal products.

Rather we are here to share with you a few home remedies/tricks which are safe as well as effective to remove your makeup. These tricks will also give much relief to those having sensitive skin as they can avoid irritation that can be caused otherwise by using commercial wipes or other makeup remover products.

Tricks to remove Make-Up without wipes

Check out a few of the effective tricks to remove makeup without wipes:

1. Combination of Baking soda and Honey

You might be surprised to know that baking soda and honey together are one of the effective ways to remove makeup without wipes. All you need to do is to take little organic honey on a cotton pad and then sprinkle a bit of baking soda on it. Wipe your face with it by rubbing gently which works effectively and safely in cleaning the junk of your makeup. This combination even works as an effective exfoliator. As the final step, rinse your face with water.

2. Usage of Coconut Oil

Well, coconut oil is one such thing that is found in almost every household. Removing makeup using coconut oil is one of the easiest ways. For this, just take a little coconut oil in your palms, spread it all over your hands by rubbing. Then massage on your face and around your eyes gently to remove the makeup in those areas. Coconut oil also hydrates your skin apart from removing makeup. You can also use cotton pads instead of hands to remove makeup by applying coconut oil to them and then gently rubbing them onto your facial makeup. As oil might leave you a bit sticky, you can wash your face with a gentle face wash as the final step.

3. Usage of Petroleum jelly

This one is another simple product found at home and can remove makeup without causing any damage to the skin, particularly around the eyes. For this, you need to clean your hands thoroughly first and then take little petroleum jelly in your palm. Then, apply it slowly around your eye area having makeup using your finger. Once the jelly gets dissolved, you can wipe it off using a cotton pad and later wash your eyes with water.

4. Using a Moisturizer

Just in case you don’t have coconut oil or petroleum jelly at hand, here is another alternative that you will have for sure, a moisturizer. One can apply a moisturizer either with hand or by using a cotton pad gently on the facial makeup. After leaving it for a while, wipe it off using a cotton pad.

5. Using Pond’s cold cream

This formula is another safest method to remove the stubborn mascara and eyeliner makeup off your eyes. It is very simple too. You just need to take a little cold cream in your palm and then apply it to your eye makeup using a cotton pad or fingers gently and carefully. Leave it for few minutes and then wipe it off using a cotton pad. To get rid of the sticky residue left behind, it is better you wash your face with a mild soap or a face wash.

6. Using Aloe vera and Olive oil

Well, we all know how beneficial aloe vera is for our skin! However, are you aware of the fact that this plant can even aid in removing your makeup? Mix a spoon of aloe vera gel and a spoon of olive oil and apply it using a cotton pad on your face to remove the makeup. You can even remove your eye makeup like eyeliner and mascara using this formula. As you have used oil, it is better you wash off your face at the end using a mild face wash.

So, next time you come back home from a party, use any of the above tricks to remove your makeup and have healthy skin.

Do share with us if you have any other tips and tricks for removing makeup naturally without wipes by taking to our comments sections!

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