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How To Bleach Hair at Home?

How about giving yourself a hair makeover at home?

When it comes to a hair makeover, many options are open for experiment. You can either chop your hair and get playful with the length or get a chemical treatment to transform your wavy, curly hair into a sleek mane. If you do not like either of these ideas, getting a hair color done is the easiest way to transform your hair game.

Hair color looks eye-catching and gives your hair the much-needed depth. The good news is that you don’t have to make frequent visits to the salon to color your hair anymore. You can achieve any color you want by bleaching them at home.

A hair bleach penetrates through the shaft of your hair and oxidizes the melanin granules to lighten them. Once you are well-versed with the method, you can bleach your hair at home.


How to Bleach Hair at Home?

If you are in no mood to splurge money on your salon visit to bleach your hair, read this guide and master the art of bleaching hair at home.

Before Bleaching

Before coloring your hair with bleach, it is essential to check a few things. Is your hair really prepared for the chemical treatment? Can your hair handle the damage that the bleach may cause? Are you suffering from hair loss or any other hair concern?

You can conduct a quick test to determine if your hair is ready for bleach or not. Spray some water on a piece of your hair and let it absorb. Now, stretch your wet hair gently. If it stretches more than usual or becomes gummy, your hair is not safe to dye. On the other hand, if the texture of your hair remains natural, you can give bleaching a heads up!

Apart from doing the hair test, you must also do a patch test with the bleach mixture to see if your hair will react properly to it or not. Apply the mixture to a small area of your hair and check it.


Products You May Need

Make a hair bleaching kit. Ensure to use good-quality products for the color. Here are the bleaching essentials to assemble:

  • Bleach Powder

Always choose a reliable brand while buying a bleaching powder. Avoid using skin bleaching powders as they cannot bear with the complexity of your hair.

  • Developer

A developer is a peroxide liquid, the role of which is to activate the bleach powder and lighten your hair. We suggest you be a little meticulous while buying the right developer for your hair. Developers come in different versions or volumes. It is essential to learn about them before zeroing in on any particular volume.

For instance, Vol10 is suitable for hair that is naturally light or already dyed. Vol20 is suitable for light brown hair. If you have a darker hair tone, choose Vol30 to activate its lightest shade. Vol40 is the highest form of the developer. We do not recommend using this product to bleach your hair at home.

  • Other Products

Other essentials that you need to assemble in your hair bleaching kit include a tinting brush, latex gloves, non-metallic mixing bowl, claw clips, shower cap, and of course, old towel and old clothes.

Step by Step Guide to Bleach

Do not shampoo your hair 2-3 days before bleaching because an oily mane will give you the best results. Wear your old clothes, mix both the products by taking one part of the developer and two parts of bleach powder.

Divide your hair into one-centimeter-wide strands using a claw clip. Ensure that they are properly separated to give you full coverage.

Reach out to all the hard-to-reach sections at first. You may have to take the brush from the back of the crown to the front. Always start with tips and then reach the mid-lengths. Once you are done brushing them, wait for 15 minutes to apply the mix to your roots. Cover all your hair with a shower cap.

Sit back and let the bleach work. Do not leave your hair for more than 40 minutes. Keep checking it in between. Once the color is lightened to your preference, it’s time to wash it off.

Do not use a shampoo or conditioner directly on your bleached hair. Ensure that you rinse your scalp and hair strands with enough plain water. Afterward, you can use a pH-balancing shampoo and a conditioner. Air dry your hair and see the results.

Take Extra Care of your Bleached Hair

Bleaching your hair means treating them with many chemicals. Thus, your hair requires extra care and attention. Make sure you follow all these post-bleaching hair care tips to protect them from damage:

  • Limit using conditioner on your bleached hair. It is because newly bleached hair is fragile, thus prone to chemical damage. Allow some time to your bleached hair to regain strength naturally, and till then, cut down using conditioner to only once a week.
  • Pay attention to what products you are using on your hair. Never settle down when it comes to quality. If possible, use natural and organic products to shampoo and condition your hair. Nowadays, the markets are swarmed with organic products that not only qualify for being environmental-friendly but are also healthy for your body, skin, and hair. The organic formulas of these products will maintain your hair health.
  • Do not use too many heating or styling products for at least two weeks after bleaching your hair. Heat is the biggest culprit that causes your bleached hair a lot of damage. Style your hair without these tools to maintain your mane’s health.
  • Do you know that oiling your bleached hair is healthy? Using coconut oil or any other organic oil prevents damage to your hair from within. We recommend oiling your hair thrice a week, followed by shampooing.
  • Do not use the shampoo directly on the scalp. Instead, dilute it with some water, lather it in your palms, and then apply it to the scalp.

We hope that the above-listed guide on bleaching your hair helps you attain the perfect color. Do not turn a blind eye to the aftercare. Happy Bleaching.

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