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5 Fierce Instagram Baddie Looks

If you’re like me, you’re probably watching these Instagram models and videos like…

“Instagram baddies” are the hottest things at the moment. They have a signature style with their natural looking curls, intense eyes, on fleek eyebrows, and tons of seductive confidence. A “baddie” is a girl that is effortlessly flawless all the time, she’s up to date on all the trends and is a blend of Adidas street-wear with designer details. Urban Dictionary defines her as a blend of class and bad ass.

According to the online dictionary “a true baddie a can practically have any guy she wants and is the ultimate package. She has taste, class, and is a perfectionist with everything she does-from her make-up ability to her intellectual level. She’s confident within herself and never hates on other women.”

I barely know how to keep my lipstick within my lip-liner so looking like an Instagram baddie is way too challenging for me. However, maybe there’s hope for the rest of y’all, so here is a list of some amazing desi girls channeling some serious attitude with their fierce “Instagram baddie” looks!

1. Shreya Jain (SlovesJewelry)

Shreya Jain is an Indian beauty blogger. This lovely lady has created a bad ass Insta-baddie look with some serious sparkles. Check out the highlight on this diva!

2. Nabela Noor

This Bengali-American beauty blogger, Noor will rock your world with her Insta-baddie look. Her fierce Insta-baddie look is deep, dark, and bold. She even adds a septum ring for an epic badass effect.

3. Anchal MUA

Unlike the smokey, dark brown-themed looks other YouTubers have created, professional makeup artist Anchal creates a lighter version of the fierce look. Baddies tend to rock basic clothing color schemes of nudes, mauve’s, beige’s, plums and browns but Anchal changed things up with her airy pink glam Insta-baddie look.

4. Niveda (Nivii)

British beauty blogger Niveda, or Nivii as she is known on YouTube, has created tutorials that will get you more than just the makeup of an Insta-baddie, she’ll get you the entire look. This super sweet Insta-baddie has a hairstyle look to get you the natural looking curls. With Nivii’s tutorials you can turn heads.

5. Malvika Sitlani

Like Anchal, this beauty blogger also created a lovely pink and glamorous Insta-baddie look. Sitlani’s tutorial is soft yet fierce all at once.



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