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Z-Ro Gets into a Fight with Trae Tha Truth, Beaten Up by Crew, Watch Video

Z-Ro and Trae Tha Truth were involved in a messy altercation after 50 cent’s celebrity basketball game in Houston during the weekend. A video is doing the rounds on social media, which shows Z-Ro being beaten up by a man allegedly from Trae’s crew.

The So Houston rapper is seen on the ground as the man keeps punching him on his head. Trae, meanwhile, tries to stop the man but gets into a verbal fight with Z-Ro along with his crew. Read on to watch the video and learn the complete details of the incident.

Trae Tha Truth’s Crewman Repeatedly Punched Z-Ro

After several people tried to pull the man aside, Z-Ro finally got up and lifted his fists up to attack the man. Trae and the other men then started threatening the 45 year old rapper. The verbal spat went on until police intervened and cleared the scene. Watch the footage below.

Z-Ro has now shared his side of the story claiming Trae punched him after asking to talk to him. He said in a statement, “I was at 50 charity dinner on Saturday and some supporters asked for a pic…then I saw Trae approaching. He asked if he could Holla at me… I turned around to see who he was talking to and he asked if I could follow him to the side of a sprinter bus.”

“I’m thinking we [are about] to talk like 2 grown men, but I was sucker punched. When that happened… several other dudes (who I don’t have affiliation with) jumped in,” he added.

Z-Ro Says the Footage does not Show the Full Story

“The video circulating is a portion of what took place. The beginning, where I was asked to come over, is not shown! At the end of the day, I came to the event One Deep and to meet my artist Lolita Monreaux, so we could support 50.” said Z-Ro in his statement. 

“I didn’t anticipate any altercation to take place especially since I’ve been asking that man for a 1 on 1 for charity for at least [two] years,” he continued. The celebrity basketball game was organized as a charity event by 50 cent’s non-profit organization, the G-Unity Foundation, along with the University of Houston’s Student Government Association.

The Two Rappers are Former Collaborators

Trae and Z-Ro are cousins and had previously collaborated for a group called ABN. The exact reason for their fight is not yet clear; however, they have a long history of family issues and were even reported to have a feud over a woman.

In 2008, Trae had addressed the rumors and said everything was well between the two. He said at the time, “We was never beefin. People gotta understand, if this was any n**ga off the street, then yeah, it would’ve been beef, but when it’s family, it’s family.”

“We might get into an argument, we might not speak for a little while, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t as serious as people made it out to be. We wasn’t paying no attention to what people was saying. He can pick up the phone and call me anytime, and I can call him anytime ’cause it’s still family,” he added.

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