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YouTube Escape2021: Performers, Schedule and How to Watch?

Okay YouTube, you have our attention!

It’s just so fascinating how all these social media platforms somehow come up with an amazing plan every end of the year to amaze us! Don’t you agree? 

Be it Spotify doing its Wrapped 2021 or Snapchat giving us a look back at 2021. Everyone has got their own way and they are all unique and beautiful at the same time.

From the looks of it, YouTube has got something planned too. So, if you are equally on the thrill stone pumped with joy to figure this out, I instruct you to keep scrolling.

After all, would you want to miss YouTube Escape2021?

What is YouTube Escape2021 Event?

YouTube has brought an exclusive live event for the viewers called the Escape2021.

The event will stream for 24-hours non-stop and will include as many creators and musicians as it can. The agenda is to look back at the fabulous 2021 and how the year has made it to a successful complementary year.

Escape2021 is the replacement to the YouTube Rewind program which the creators canceled after they faces quite the heat and criticism.

YouTube’s Escape2021 will contain ”three” chapters and the first starts on December 16th, 2021. Oh, it’s currently on.

When YouTube was asked about the cancelation of Rewind, they had straight-up answers; Back in October, the streaming platform addressed how they are going to slide the focus on something else.

Escape2021 will be all about ”real-time live experiences” and will add a broader view plus will bring a different perspective altogether.

When is it happening?

YouTube confirmed the timeline. The Escape2021 will take place from December 16th – December 17th, 2021.

Here is YouTube announcing the same on Twitter.

@lofigirl ’s going on an adventure play your way through the year at #ESCAPE2021 an interactive livestream Dec 16 → youtube.com/escape2021″, the tweet read.

The event, with a stretch of three chapters, will go on for two days offering viewers a chance to enjoy. stream, and play throughout. They can participate in challenges, experiences, and a lot more through this event.

YouTube is yet to unfold more details; however, it has confirmed that the final chapter is a powerful glimpse of packed surprises.

Where to Watch Escape2021?

You can simply click on –> YouTube Escape2021 to enjoy the 24-hour live event. Viewers can participate in fun challenges and trends too.

They can showcase their skills and answer trivia questions through the chatbox.

Here is a trailer of Escape2021.


Here Come The Performers!

Some of the talents that you can expect on Escape2021 includes Doja Cat, BTS, Mark Rober, and SeanDoesMagic

The live stream will be streaming in English, German, French, Japanese, Bahasa, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Escape2021 Livestream Schdule.

Here is a complete timing schedule of YouTube Escape 2021.

Chapter 1

  • London – 16th December; 5 AM
  • Los Angeles – 15th December; 9 PM
  • Tokyo – 16th December; 2 PM
  • New York – 16th December; 12 AM
  • Sydney – 16th December; 4 PM
  • Philippines – 16th December; 1 PM

Chapter 2

  • London – 16th December; 5 PM
  • Los Angeles – 16th December; 9 AM
  • Tokyo – 17th December; 2 AM
  • New York – 16th December; 12 PM
  • Sydney – 17th December; 4 AM
  • Philippines – 17th December; 1 AM

Chapter 3

  • London – 17th December; 12 AM
  • Los Angeles – 16th December; 4 PM
  • Tokyo – 17th December; 9 AM
  • New York – 16th December; 7 PM
  • Sydney – 17th December; 11 AM
  • Philippines – 17th December; 8 AM

To keep the curiosity game up, YouTube has planned the best for the end. Are you excited?

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