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You Can Now Rent Queen Elizabeth’s Norfolk Garden House On Airbnb

Queen Elizabeth II left for the heavenly abode on Thursday (September 8) and the whole world is mourning the 96-year-old monarch’s death. Well, hours before her death, she allowed the commoners to experience the royalty of a beautiful property. Yes, the queen’s garden house was listed on Airbnb sometime before her death. The property holds a significant value and is a place where the queen and her family spent Christmas eve.

A Charming Hideaway…

Going for a luxe vacay is one thing but getting to experience the place where the queen spent a great amount of time with her family is another level. Looking for a charming hideway? Well, your fanciest fantasy has just come true because Queen Elizabeth’s garden house at the Sandringham estate has been listed on Airbnb for rent.

Amanda Cupples, the General Manager of Airbnb for Northern Europe released a statement wherein she expressed her gratitude and welcomed those looking to book the garden house. According to her, the queen’s property makes a “perfect hideaway for guests”, especially those who are looking for a unique stay.  The Airbnb listing of this Norfolk property reads:

“This charming Norfolk hideaway, owned by HM The Queen, nestled within the heart of her much-loved Sandringham Estate country retreat and the closest estate property to Sandringham House itself, is all about an appreciation of theit’seat outdoors and the beautiful gardens it sits within.” Well, its the same place from where the queen usually delivered her annual Christmas speech to the nation.

But hey, there is a bit of saddening news. As soon as the property got listed, the queen’s fans didn’t miss a moment to grab their hands on the property. The marvellous residence, which is now available for around $400 per night, has been sold out for the next two years. So commoners would need some solid good luck for a stay at this luxurious garden house.

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