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Why did Phil Collins Retire from Genesis? Everything about his Health

Phil Collins is famously known for his time as the drummer and lead singer of the rock band Genesis, as well as his solo career, which started in 1981.

There aren’t enough words to describe this perfect drummer. From the surname, Collins you might be wondering about Lily Collins. Yes, the renowned actress from Emily In Paris is the beloved daughter of Phil.

“In the Air Tonight,” “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now),” “One More Night,” and “Another Day in Paradise” was among Phil’s most successful singles at the time.

But now our favorite drummer is calling it quits, and many people are perplexed by the news. However, Phil’s health concerns are the reason for his retirement.

‘Phil Collins’ Is Retiring From Genesis Because Of ‘Health Issues’

Phil Collins announced his retirement on BBC Breakfast a long time ago. The drummer did go into considerable detail about the reasons behind his retirement.

Phil stated that due to health issues, he would not be able to continue his career as a drummer.

“I’m kind of physically challenged a bit which is very frustrating because I’d love to be playing up there with my son,” Collins said during the headlines.

Collins stated that he can barely hold a drumstick in his hand when asked if he can currently do any sort of drumming.

According to him, “No. I’d love to but you know, I mean, I can barely hold a stick with this hand. So there are certain physical things that get in the way.”

Do you recall the last Genesis tour? Collins has hinted that at that time that it could be his final tour.

According to him, “We’re all men our age, and I think it is, to some extent, putting it to bed. I think yeah, I think just generally for me, I don’t know if I want to go out on the road anymore.”

And now the drummer has called it quits, staging a farewell show supported by Phil’s daughter Lily Collins.

Phil Collins Has Went Through Health Issues Because Of Drumming

For those who are unaware, during the 2007 Genesis tour, the drummer suffered from a range of health concerns.

Collins underwent surgery in April 2009 to fix dislocated vertebrae in his upper neck, which struck when he was drumming on the Genesis tour in 2007.

He lost feeling in his fingers after the surgery and could only handle drum sticks if they were strapped to his hands. At that time, the drummer debunked rumors and stated the reality.

Phil stated in 2009 that there is no controversy surrounding his ‘disability’ and playing the drums.

During the last Genesis tour, he dislocated some vertebrae in his upper neck, which impacted his hands. His hands are still unable to operate normally despite a successful neck operation.

Phil also indicated that things may change in a year or so, but for the time being, he is unable to play the drums or piano. It was temporary at the time, but it is now permanent.

Following that medical condition, the drummer experienced some other health issues, which is why he is likely to retire.

We will surely miss his music, but we still have his hits. What are your thoughts about retirement? We express our heartfelt wishes to Phil Collins.

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