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Who was Montserrat Caballé? Google Doodle Honors the Spanish Opera Singer

Well, it is a known fact that search engine giant Google honors historical figures with a Doodle every now and then.

Keeping the tradition of honoring a historical personality from various professions, Google has changed its homepage with a unique Google Doodle today i.e. 12th April to pay tributes to legendary artist Montserrat Caballé. Google follows this tradition once a month ever since it started this innovative approach.

This year marks the 89th birthday of the legendary Spanish opera singer. Google wrote “Happy 89th Birthday, La Superba. Your legacy sings on.”

Here is all that you need to know about Montserrat Caballe.

Who was Montserrat Caballe?

Early Life

María de Montserrat Bibiana Concepción Caballé i Folch was born in the year 1933 in Barcelona, Spain. She is also popularly known as La Superba. Montserrat Caballe passed away in 2018 at the age of 85.

Cabellé gained prominence in 1965 when she was given the opportunity to join the performance of Lucrezia Borgia at Carnegie Hall in the city of New York. It was her debut in the “bel canto” style of opera, however in short order.

Over the years, she became famous all across the globe and was nicknamed “La Superba”. She won the Grammy Award in the Best Classical Vocal Performance category for a recording of La bohème in 1968.


She was known not only for her music but also for her larger-than-life personality. Montserrat Caballe began her professional career in the field of music in 1965 when she made her debut performance in the US.

In a career spanning more than five decades, Caballe performed with the Basel Opera and Bremen Opera in the initial years. She then went on to perform with the Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera, and Vienna State Opera.

The audience used to love her for her rare bel canto vocal technique. Instead of focussing on the dramatic expression or romantic emotion, this Italian vocal technique emphasizes the beauty of sound and the brilliance of performance. According to a leading US publication company, The Washington Post Bel canto is described as the ‘quintessential way to sing opera’.

She received nominations for the Grammy award five times and won her first Grammy in 1968. Even though she was a Spanish citizen, she did not make her debut in Spain, instead, it was in Switzerland before she performed in Germany. Caballé performed in more than 3,800 shows in over 80 roles on five continents.

Nearly three decades ago, she created a sensation when Freddie Mercury recorded ‘Barcelona’ with Caballe in the year 1992, which was later recognized as the anthem for the Barcelona Olympic Games.

She is not only a great professional singer but also a philanthropist. She was the founder of Fundació Montserrat Caballé, an organization to support young talent in Barcelona.

The singer was given a six-month suspended prison sentence on charges of tax fraud when she was 82 years old. She confirmed that she used to live in Spain but got herself registered as an Andorra citizen for tax purposes.

She was ordered to pay a fine of €254,231 ($280,000) and also restricted from getting any public subsidies for almost 18 months.

Personal life & Death

Caballé was married to Bernabé Martí (1928–2022). The couple shared two children.

She was admitted to the Hospital de Sant pau in 2018 for a gallbladder problem. She passed away on 6th October 2018.

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