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Who Is Panya Kamrab? The Man Behind Thailand’s “Child Care Centre Massacre”

It’s a devastating moment for the world as Thailand just underwent its worst nightmare. In a deadly mass shooting, an ex-policeman, identified as Panya Kamrab, 34, killed at least 36 people, including 24 children, at a daycare centre in north-east Thailand. The monster then killed himself and his family following this brutal massacre. Read on to learn more about this monster.

Who Was Panya Kamrab?

Panya Kamrab, 34 was an ex-officer of the Royal Thai Police, who was fired from duty in June for drug use. He was found to be using “methamphetamine” or Yaba, which is a “combination of methamphetamine and caffeine”. It’s known in Thailand as “crazy medicine.”

The 34-year-old ex-policeman was identified as a suspect in the mass shooting that took place at a daycare centre in the Na Klang district of Nong Bua Lamphu province on Thursday (Oct. 6). The police reported that a gunman stormed the daycare centre, opening fire and killing multiple people before fleeing.

After the massacre, a “Most-Wanted” poster was missed by the police, showing Pany’s name, face and other details in Thai. Panya was due in court for “drug-related” charges” the day after the shooting.

After fleeing the scene in his car, Kamrab, who was armed with a pistol, shotgun and knife, continued shooting more people on the road. It has been reported that after arriving at his home, he killed his wife and son, before taking his own life. The madman is dead, but Thailand is mourning the deaths of many innocent children, whose loss is irreplaceable.

About The Daycare Centre Massacre…

On Thursday (Oct. 6), a gunman stormed a daycare centre in the Na Klang district of Nong Bua Lamphu province, opening fire and killing multiple people before fleeing. The mass shooter, identified as ex-policeman, Panya Kamrab, shot and stabbed adults and children during the attack. The police reported that he used a 9mm pistol and a knife.

As of October 6th, 36 deaths have been reported, which includes 24 children. Police superintendent Chakkraphat Wichitvaidya revealed that the youngest victim was just two years old.

Not only this, but it has been reported that two teachers and one police officer also became the victim of Panya. One of the dead teachers was eight months pregnant. After fleeing the attack, Panya continued killing more people on the road. When he reached his home, Panya killed his wife and son, before taking his own life.

Panya was a former corporal in the Royal Thai Police, Thailand’s national police force. The 34-year-old ex-policeman was fired after being arrested for possessing methamphetamine, which is also known as a “crazy medicine” in Thailand. The motive behind this “horrifying” attack remains unknown, but it has come out that the shooter was under the influence of drugs during his shooting rampage.

How Are The Authorties Reacting?

In a country like Thailand, where possessing an illegal firearm comes with a prison sentence of up to 10 years, mass shootings are rare. In 2020, a disgruntled soldier ended up killing 29 people on a 16-hour shooting rampage. This is the first horrific incident recorded in Thailand since then.

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha called the incident “shocking” in his statement and urged the authorities to aid the victims on priority. He wrote, “I have ordered the commander. Police On the ground for immediate legal action and all involved parties to intervene to provide immediate recovery to all affected people.”

It was reported that the police response was delayed due to the rural location of the childcare centre. The headteacher of this centre, Nanticha Panchum revealed that Panya’s son was also a part of this centre, but had not been there for a month. She said, “The man used to drop his child off, and was always polite and chatty.”

Panchum also revealed in an interview that there were usually more than 90 children at their centre, but over 20 children were present on Thursday due to bad weather and a bus breakdown. If the school had its usual number, things could have gone uglier. But again, the death of these children is enough to shock for the country, and yea, authorities are to be blamed.

More Details About The Attack…

Panya travelled from the nursery in Uthai Sawan to his home in the nearby village of Ban Tha Uthai, where he killed himself and his family

A local official Jidapa Boonsom, who was working nearby during the attack, told in an interview, “The shooter came in around lunchtime and shot four or five officials at the childcare centre first. One of them was a teacher who was eight months pregnant. At first, people thought it was fireworks. She added that the man forced entry to a locked room where children were sleeping. 

Details regarding the attack are still emerging, but after his killing spree, the attacker was seen fleeing in a white Toyota pick-up truck with a Bangkok registration number. The police launched a search and warned locals to remain indoors. Eyewitnesses revealed how the attacker continued to drive into bystanders and fire at some of them.

Police officers, who were delayed in their arrival, revealed horrific scenes from the place. They revealed how dead bodies of adults and children, some very young, were lying inside and outside the centre. 
“After inspecting the crime scene, we found that the perpetrator tried to break in and he mainly used a knife to commit the crime by killing a number of small children,” said Police Chief Damrongsak Kittiprapat.
He added about Panya: “Then he got out and started killing anyone he met along the way with a gun or the knife until he got home. We surrounded the house and then found that he committed suicide in his home.”

Several videos of the incident have been shared on social media and are filled with heartbroken parents and relatives, who lost their loved ones in this brutal massacre. What happened in Thailand has shaken our nerves to the core. Our hearts go out to the families of these innocent victims.

The worst part is, this madman died before the authorities could punish him for his brutal crimes, but again, nothing can replace the innocent children who lost their lives in this massacre. Keep reading for more updates on the incident.

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