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Who is Johnny Depp’s Father? All About his Dad John Christopher Depp

We know you are all eager to know more about the father of the Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp. Read the article further to learn more about Johnny’s father John Christopher Depp.

Here’s everything you need to know about Johnny’s dad John

Johnny is a Hollywood star who has been in the spotlight for most of his life but he has hardly spoken about his parents, Betty Sue Palmer and John Christopher Depp. He is the youngest of four children. His parents decided to go their separate ways and got divorced in the year 1978 when he was just 15 years old.

During an interview with Inside The Actor’s studio, The Rum Diary actor revealed that his father John Christopher Depp is a civil engineer by profession. Violet Mattie Grinstead and Oren Larramore Depp welcomed their son John Christopher Depp in 1938. Johnny also stated that after his parents got divorced, his dad left their family, and around the same time, he dropped out of school and was performing in bands.

Johnny even confronted his dad after he left suddenly. In his testimony, the 58-year-old spilled the beans on his dad and said, “He said, ‘I’m done. I can’t. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t live it anymore. You’re the man now. Those words didn’t sit well with me. I didn’t feel like I was ready to hear those words.”

What did Johnny have to say about his father’s departure from his life?

At that time, the 21 Jump Street star described his father’s exit from his life as “cowardly” but since then he has approached his dad to get a better understanding of why he left him, his mom, and his siblings.

It seems like now Johnny and his dad have no bad blood, he has forgiven him and achieved a crystal clear understanding of his decision. As per the reports of The Post, in his testimony, Depp called his dad “a good man”.

The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them actor said, “He apologized to me for having gone through the whipping — the belt. He also said that his dad wasn’t abusive. Johnny further added, “At the same time my father was to some degree at the mercy of Betty Sue.”

A little bit about Johnny’s mom Betty Sue Palmer

Johnny’s mom Betty Sue was a waitress during his childhood. Sue and her then-husband John lived in Owensboro, Kentucky when Johnny was born but the family kept moving around a lot while Depp was growing up.

In an interview with James Lipton, Johnny talked about his mom and said, “She’s just one of the smartest, funniest, greatest people I’ve ever been lucky enough to know. She is truly one of my best friends.” Betty passed away at the age of 81 on May 20, 2016, due to cancer in Los Angeles.

At the moment, Johnny is in the middle of a defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard. We just hope that truth comes out in their case and justice is served as soon as possible. Whom are you supporting between Johnny and Amber? Kindly let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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  1. She idolised Johnny as a teenager and jumped at the chance to become Mrs Johnny Depp. If she saw him as “the most famous man in the world” as she claimed, she wouldn’t need to have asked him about his “wino” tattoo. There is such a thing as Google. I also think she saw him as an easy target, being “an old man” and a foot in the door to Hollywood. She severely underestimated him. He seems to be the one with the brain, he had himself removed from situations that were volatile. She was “so scared” of this violent abusive man,she bought him weapons as gifts and allowed them to stay in the house within reach. I’m not victim blaming but watching JD on the stand he was quietly spoken and seemed submissive and not telling elaborate tales to the entire room. Watching AH, she is addressing and speaking to the entire room not just the legal reps. Her facial expressions are one thing but she gives different answers to the same questions asked in different ways.
    No matter how this things pans out,if nothing else JD had opened the dialogue for male victims and survivors of DV. They’ve both opened the conversation for DV. If AH is found to be the untruthful aggressor it could make it harder for women to be believed when they need help in DV situations.

    • so true!!! and this shows money, can’t buy happiness. I believe JD is authentic. I believe he doesn’t care about money or fame. He did say in one of the court testimonies, “im doing the right thing” knowing how exposed his personal would become. I think is an extremely generous person and she is clever and manipluating. arrogant, prideful. He is amazing and intelligent, creative, cultural, beautiful. I really believe he gave her anything she wanted and she was jealous of him and when he didn’t give her the attention she wanted, she acted out like a horrible snot, and instigated every argument, His reactions for being backed into a corner, Once that toxic behavior begins, its insanity doing the same thing over and over again. Imagine the stress of being a person in public eye and pressures, and making sure the wealth management team is doing their job. only to find out they havent and the result of ALL OF his hard work is gone. I heard mentioned somewhere (hearsay) LOL…..that the wealth management team said the acted “entitled”

      NObody gave him money, he worked for all that he has

    • I absolutely agree! She is self absorbed narcissistic who used him to get her foot in the door at holly! He is a very caring loving man & it’s so sad what she has done to him!

      • Good god women,you’re soooo wrong.
        Depps a blatant scumbag. Who ate soo ignorant. Do sone bloody research.
        Depos best friend is Marilyn Manson, a serial roman abuser. Like sticks either like.

        • I think one of the problems in this instance is that you have women here and there, that will blindly defend another woman simply BECAUSE she is a woman. I am a woman myself who was once married to an “Amber/Oj, and I can tell you that she is NOT a supporter of the movement in domestic violence awareness, rather, she is a person who is a “reactive abuser” (so you do your research). Amber was raised in an abusive environment. Anytime you hear those audio tapes, she isn’t speaking to Depp, she is speaking to HER FATHER. In response to her need for adoration and validation, Heard can’t get a grip on her current realities. You’ll be reading about her in the headlines again one day, when her daughter writes a tell all on “Mommy Dearest II”. It’s a real problem when women don’t hold each other accountable either in the arena of righteousness. Amber is a “coat tail rider”. Her friends don’t even support her stories and some even fought NOT to testify. I fully support Depp. I know what it’s like to be married to a person who constantly sets you up for failure, embarrassment, and violence. She has no evidence to support her claims, and he has substantial evidence AND witnesses. I should also mention, that once a upon a time, I was a makeup artist/hair dresser. Those “bruises” were done by the magic of lighting, hand rubbing, and crying when she didn’t get her way….If the bruises were EVER real (and they weren’t) no amount of makeup could fully cover them up without significant heavy coverage of which you’d see in the most candid shots such as on the island where there was a photo shoot done with NO make up that she claimed to be wearing. I could go on and on Maggie, but you’ve got your mind made up to blanket her with what you may be feeling deep down yourself. There’s no amount of shame she’ll go through without using it to her advantage. I hope she heals, but even if she does, she probably won’t take a look at her life until she’s she’s in her 60’s. She has a long way to go before she grows up.

  2. I believe Johnny! I think she is just out to ruin his career. Every relationship has problems but she is an actor as well and I believe she is putting on one hell of an performance. I mean after all why did she basically record their entire marriage and relationship and take constant photos if she didn’t have some type of plan up her sleeve! She is the guilty one!

  3. Johnny of course I can sense a liar and manipulator and that is what AH is she is clearly psychologically insane

  4. Hi believe Johnny Depp. Common sense if you watch the majority of everything that’s they’ve allowed the public to hear and see. I do know if a man is upset to leave him alone and not try to bother him. She seemed to have bothered him repeatedly and when her manipulation wasn’t working she went crazy on him. I feel some of his pain & feel so sad for him. He has to win if not we will be outraged. I pray for JUSTICE for Johnny. 💕💜

  5. I believe johnny 100 percent , that’s her is clearly lying and psychotic she needs help with all her lies. And there was no tears on the stand when she was suppost to be ” crying “

  6. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.!!
    All these years and nothing like this about him.
    It doesn’t happen overnight…. The word gentle & kind are used a lot by people who have worked with him and are around him.
    ❤️Him. What a talent and a sexy one at that! Keep on singing Johnny.

  7. I believe Johnny. He’s honest, generous and very talented. He’s also handsome and a great actor! Love you Johnny!

  8. Johnny Depp seems to me speaking from the heart , I think he is another victim like he’s dad was , Amber seems to be another Betty Sue in he’s life doing an act every time she takes the stand , secretly recording conversations and taunting him so he can come out yelling and defend himself

  9. Johnnie all the way. His body language ehen he speaks shows the battle woulds he suffered from Amber Heard. Her…. however screams liar snd mental instability. Super sad. Its all a gsme to her. She has some growing to do as a human being

  10. I believe Johnny Depp. Amber Heard is a
    narcissic sociopath. She wanted instant
    fame, success, and wealth. She made her
    move during Rum Diary when she tried to
    seduce him in the trailer. She has no
    conscience or morality. He was an easy
    mark for this cunning con. Her first relationship was to get her toe into
    Show business. She is a user and a
    PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!!! If she was so
    abused, why stay? She wasn’t we’d to
    John. She craved all the perks of dating
    this star brought her. She tried to set
    Johnny up ONLY when she convinced
    herself that she had Ellon Musk.

  11. Love Johnny! Justice for Johnny, he’s the victim of domestic abuse – Boycott Disney and Warner Bro.

  12. I believe Johnny. Hearing what went on in those audio tapes just doesn’t jive with her claims. The intimidation and control she has over others is alarming and I see Amber, and people like her, as dangerous to anyone in her life.

  13. I think they abused each other but AH was a provoker. I believe she hooked up w Johnny because of his fame and money, not love. She’s crying a river on the witness stand but she’s just acting for the jury and the public. The “bruises” on her face (that could just be makeup) prove nothing because no one actually saw Johnny hit her. Ellen Barkin is a jilted ex-girlfriend. He fired his ex-agent years ago so of course she’ll say bad things about him.

  14. The word for J Depp is, I think, brilliant. I pray he will be freed from addiction and that he will enjoy a wonderful future. May he be given the wisdom of Solomon in dealing with the predators in his life. I do hope the jury will be wise as they deliberate.

  15. AH is a hussling grifter. After seeing the video of her sister and her singing in the back of a car celebrating the day after she received the 7 million pinpoints the moment in time and the masks are off. Reveal

  16. AH will reap what she has sowed! Unimaginable lies that we’re disgusting and hard to listen too! Johnny did not destroy her as she claims she destroyed herself! JD is kind caring humble deep in thought and love who is loved by the world; had to get mixed up with a money hungry no talent actress vain self centered being like AH has broken all our hearts to see JD in pain. I wish you Love Peace Happiness and Good Health and music on your journey in life! Lv U JD rock on🎶✌️❤️😘

  17. We never know the full truth. Was he as bad as she claim? She show no poof, but he may abuse her. I like to believe him, but he never really came off as stable person. He pretends to be other people. How Aesthetic kind of actor fully be? I’m not judging him but the truth is he’s just an actor.

  18. Dashingly hot looking Amber with poison in her blood.She is a disgrace to all the beautiful women all over the world.

  19. Team Johnny Depp all the way !! As DV Survivors both my brother and myself we knew she was lying from day one and the lies keep coming from her. If I felt Johnny was an Abuser I would say so but no he isn’t at all !! I saw my baby brother’s pain when I saw Johnny on that stand, No man or person period should ever have to go thru what she put him thru !! She will get what she deserves !!

  20. For Johnny Depp to air all his dirty laundry before the entire World, took an amazing amount of courage By nature he is a very private man It was like having his early childhood revisited . But I have a feeling this has been therapy for him, getting rid of all his old nightmares from his formative years. Its very traumatic for a boy to be left alone at age 15. His Dad in those days was his Rock, and His Dad couldn’t handle the abuse from Betty Sue any more and one day jsut packed his belongings, loaded the car and never returned. To an outsider it may have seemed cowardly, but a human being can only take so much and they reach the tipping point Johnny cared for his Mother right till her death and provided her with the best nursing and homes. He did reach out to his Dad when he was older, and I think they reconciled But now he himself experienced what it was like to be married to a neurotic woman who screamed and threw things. So thankful he won his case and can now move forwards . I just wish he and Vanessa never broke up

  21. AH is a Borderline Personality Disorder abuser. I believe Johnny because I know her type. My daughter who is a Clinical Social Worker agrees with me. I am a Clinical Psychologist.


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