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Where is Will Smith Now? Exploring the Fate of his Upcoming Projects

Oscar-winning actor Will Smith is trying to get on with his life as well as possible, following the incident at the 94th Oscars Gala in which he slapped comedian Chirs Rock, which resulted in his ban from the Academy. So where is Will Smith and what is the fate of his upcoming projects? Read on to learn all about it.

A Low-Profile and Therapy In India…

Will Smith has maintained an extremely low profile since the Oscar incident wherein he slapped Chris Rock for cracking a joke on his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Well, a lot has happened since then. From speculations about his divorce from his wife to posting for therapy in India, Will has been trying to cope with all the negativity surrounding the Oscar scandal.

Will was spotted in April at a private airport in Mumbai, India and sources revealed that he is focusing on yoga and meditation. The issue which attracted international media, not only put Will’s reputation at stake but also affected his mental health in so many ways. The infamous incident has since then been the centre of every television show and meme.

Reliable sources revealed that Smith is healing from the said incidence. Fans suggested that Will Smith may have landed in Mumbai to meet Sadhguru, who is an Indian yoga guru and proponent of spirituality. However, the star’s team later confirmed that he did not meet Sadhguru in India.

Will and Jada are also surrounded by persistent rumours that their marriage has broken up. “There were problems between them for years, but now they barely speak to each other. The tensions between them have been palpable,” sources revealed. In a 2020 “Red Table Talk” interview, Will Smith opened up about his relationship with Jada Pinkett.

He revealed Jada’s extramarital affairs while being in this marriage. He stated that Jada never believed in a conventional marriage because she grew up in an unconventional family. What was considered a PR stunt, now seems like a reality, especially after the Oscar scandal. Reliable sources confirm that the growing media attention has led to the decision of ending this longtime marriage.

Where Is Will Smith Now?

Smith has maintained a low-key profile since he issued an apology for his reckless behaviour at the 2022 Oscars and flew off to India to seek spiritual help. He was photographed at the Kalina Airport, Mumbai, India on April 23, 2022. A close source revealed that he is focussing on meditation, yoga and spirituality. Will previously referred to him as a “painting in growth” while issuing a public apology to Chris Rock.

His name recently came up at the recent BET Awards. Every year, the awards celebrate black excellence in the world of entertainment. This year, Will Smith was considered royalty in these awards next to his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. But for obvious reasons, none of them attended the ceremony last Sunday.

Nevertheless, BET still honoured Will Smith for his role as Richard Williams in the ‘King Richard’ film. In fact, the movie also won Best Picture during an evening filled with many great moments. As for his whereabouts, the Oscar winner lives in a property worth an estimated $42million with his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, which is located in the star-studded neighbourhood of Calabasas.

An Update On His Mental Health…

Will Smith’s King Richard costars Mikayla Bartholomew and Saniyya Sidney recently updated on the actor’s condition post the Oscar scandal. During their conversation at the 2022 BET Awards, Smith’s on-screen daughter said: “Every time I talk to him, he always says everything is in divine splendour, ya know, so he’s good. It’s always good to chat with him.”

Talking about the award-winning movie, Sidney stated, “Our film was very special to us… and Venus and Serena [Williams] changed so many women’s lives, our lives. To be Black in America right now is a very special and very specific experience, so to be able to be invited to culture’s biggest night when we’re part of [one of] culture’s biggest films of the year is a great honour because we get to celebrate with our community. We get to, like, show up, be ourselves. It’s almost like coming home to the cookout.”

The Fate of Will’s Upcoming Projects…

Will Smith was on the verge of success until the infamous Oscar scandal happened. His upcoming projects included Bad Boys 4, Emancipation, I Am Legend 2 and Fast and Loose. Among these projects, “Bad Boys 4” introduced Will’s role in 2020. However, it was reported in April that  Smith had been given about 40 pages of the in-progress script treatment prior to the Oscars, and cited a source saying the movie is currently on hold. No update has come since then.

As for Apple TV+ thriller Emancipation, the historical drama is already in post-production, though a release date has not yet been set. However, it came out that Apple is delaying the thriller and it has been pushed to 2023 instead of this year following the Oscar drama. There has been no update on “I Am Legend 2”, which is in its early stages.

Fast And Loose is another Netflix movie about a crime boss experiencing memory loss who learns he had a double life as an undercover agent. However, the film is on hold after the Oscars incident, and it’s unclear whether the studio will move forward with a different star. Keep reading for more updates on Will’s multiple projects that remain on halt for now. 

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  1. “Will Smith was on the verge of success…” I know, he was so close! Oh when will Will Smith finally get a role in a big movie!

  2. Why didn’t Chris Rock tell Will Smith in private that he was going to tell a joke at Will Smith’s wife’s expense. Instead Chris Rock got up on stage in a room full of people and humiliated Will’s Smith’s wife in front of her husband and in front of Will Smith’s friends, family, peers, employers and potential employers.


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