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What Is The Smiley Face Dating Quiz And Why Is It So Famous On TikTok?

Personality-related online quizzes can be a lot of fun. A recent quiz, called the “Smiley Face Quiz” has been making rounds on the internet and TikTokers claim that it’s “so accurate”. The quiz is aimed at finding your dating style with a smiley character. Still confused? Read on to learn more about this quiz created by the Korean website Ktestone.com.

What Is The Smiley Face Quiz?

You must have taken a lot of personality-related quiz tests, but did you ever take a K-test? Well, a Korean website Ktestone.com, has created an online quiz which helps you “find your dating style with a smiley character”. The test basically highlights your romance profile with one of the 16 smiley face characters, and TikTokers believe it is too accurate.

One TikTok user @m3latoningummi, who took this test revealed that the quiz is the “most accurate thing” she’s ever done. In the caption, she expressed, “Why am I gonna cry?” She further described that in the quiz, each colourful face depicts a different personality type. The same gets revealed after you can answer 12 questions. These include questions, such as what will you do when you do not have a plan for the weekend and what will you do in case there is an unexpected appointment.

In her comment section, people shared their respective results. “I got sky smile, and why does it fit like 100% 🥲,” one person wrote. Another disclosed, “Nah, man, I got the Pink smile, yet it actually matches my personality 😰.” Someone tried to make a move, and wrote: “I got Sky smile, we could make a good couple, and honestly I would love to know someone with a personality like this but they seem to don’t exist 🥲.”

Basically, the questionnaire contains things related to your hobbies and response to a blind date. In the end, you receive a coloured smiley that helps you know your dating traits better. Here’s the catch! You also get two smiley faces depicting those you’re the most and least compatible with.

For instance, a navy blue face means you are a “sunflower full of care.” The website describes you as “someone who likes to tend to your lover’s emotions”. This means that these people are extremely independent and People who align with the navy smile are also very independent, so they might not always like having difficult conversations with their partners.

Yay, I Got A Mint Smiley!

A few days ago, I took up the ‘Are You A Soldier, King Or Poet’ test. While the popular Uquiz, is aimed at understanding your personality better with 20 deep life-related questions, the ‘Smiley Face’ quiz is rather more fun. Well, who wouldn’t want to know their dating traits in this unpredictable world.

Honestly, after researching this quiz, I was too intrigued by it and decided to take one for myself. As I am open to sharing my results to engage in a more detailed and open conversation with the readers, I decided to share my smiley face with you. Read further to know my journey of these interesting 12 questions.

Out of these 12 questions, some of the most interesting ones were:

  • What do you think when you get on a plane for a trip? (My obvious answer was I wish it arrives asap because I’d need to be a bit tipsy to click on “I may wonder how this aeroplane can fly”)
  • What are your concerns when you eat out? (I chose ‘I worry about which two favourite foods I must eat)
  • After a musical contest, what’s your response? (I chose the rather detailed scenario when I’d wonder if the lyrics are based on the person’s story instead of going ‘i’d listen to this song every day)
  • When your girlfriend suddenly loses something, what can be your reaction? (Of course, how did you lose it and where did you last see it, phew, I’d want my guy to find it for me instead of showing sympathy)
  • How do you choose a date dress? (Well, I am beyond the point where I’d make pre-preparations. I’d just make an instant choice.

Wondering what my result was. After taking this test, I do agree with the TikTokers out there who call it accurate. I got a nice, lovely, fresh mint smiley, something that’s so much me! It also came with a description: “Professional straightforward who doesn’t push and pull”.

The mint smiley further described me as a person who may like someone but would never express well and may need more time to think. People with a “mint smiley” like to flirt but still feel stuffy. But hey, once they open up, they’re able to express themselves better. Another dating trait that hits the right notes is that a person with a mint smiley face organizes and leads the date when in a relationship.

Because they like to attract attention, they like to be acknowledged by their partners even for the smallest things. Oh, that’s one trait of an Aries and it couldn’t have been better with the results. When choosing a partner, a person with a mint smiley likes someone kind and expressive. And yea, they think about breaking up when they feel they are a burden on their lover. Ouch, reminds me of my last breakup!

People with a mint smiley are those who don’t get too emotional when arguing and like someone who talks straightforwardly. Wondering what smiley face I’d vibe with the most. The result suggested that people with grey and beige smileys can be better dating partners for “mint smiley” faces.

On the other hand, a brown smiley and a sky smiley can be hard to be together with. The ‘Smiley Face” dating test sounds like a fun way to connect Now take up a test and hit the comment box. Who knows you may find your match here. And yea, do comment if you get a grey or a beige smiley!

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


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