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What Happened to Fedez Lucia as he about his Health Problems on Instagram

Italian singer Fedez recently announced that he is suffering from an illness on social media. He has returned to Instagram after taking a little break.

In the last few days, he was nowhere to be seen on the social media platform. Now, he has finally opened up and shared the reason behind his absence from the platform, and his wife Chiara also showed her support for him on Instagram.

Check out Fedez’s announcement below:

The 32-year-old took to his Instagram Story and shared an update of his personal life. He expressed his thoughts regarding a battle he has been fighting at this point in his life in a somber tone. He told all his fans that he has been diagnosed with an illness but he didn’t give away the name of the disease.

Fedez stated, “All this involves an important journey that I will have to take and that I feel I can tell. Not now, not at this moment when I need to cling to my family, my children, but that I feel like telling in the future. Because when I found out what I have, reading other people’s stories helped me.”

By the end of the video, he got pretty emotional and said, “I am ready to face this new adventure that life has presented to me.”

Federico Lucia’s wife Chiara supports her partner on the gram

The singer’s wife Chiara showed her support for him on Instagram. She has a massive following on the social media platform. She has more than 26 million followers on Instagram.

“The love of my life @fedez needs some extra support in these days ❤️ We love you more than ever amore mio, and you’ll be ok soon, always surrounded by the love of all your family, friends, and people that love you so much 🙏🏻💪🏻🙏🏻”, she captioned the post.

The pair shares two kids, Leone and Vittoria. Their eldest kid Leone is 4 years old and Vittoria is just one year old.

How did the fans of the singer react to the news?

As soon as the news broke out all the fans of Fedez and Chiara Ferragni couldn’t stop themselves from sending their love and strength to both Fedez and Chiara. 

One fan wrote, “when people talk about a disease and we all think in the same word it is DEVASTATING, and more devastating is how it happens to good people 🥺 all my love to fedez and chiara. :(” Another fan wrote, “oh chiara’s post hope fedez is okay.🙇”

Another huge fan of the Italian singer penned, “Fedez, we are all with you , sending you lots of positive energy.!☀️” One fan tweeted, “We are all by your side, hand in hand, supporting you. Sending lots of love your way, darling. We love you soooo much! Stay strong Federico. 💪💓☘️” 

These were a few reactions of the fans to the news. We wish Fedez a speedy recovery from the illness he is battling. We are pretty sure that he will come out of this like a true fighter. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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